Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jumping in

I've been following this group since it started and have enjoyed every post, watching all of your gorgeous quilts develop, block by block.  The Lollypop design has long been my favorite and once we got past the holidays, I decided to finally jump in.  I confess that I've been a little obsessed by Francoise's version on the red background since she first posted.  After careful consideration of several red solids, I found one that worked well with many of the contemporary Japanese prints that I've added to my stash over the last few years.  Although the value of the red is a challenge to work with, I am thoroughly enjoyed this project.  In fact, I'm a bit addicted!

Yesterday I finished my second block.  I have reduced the size of my blocks to 15½" so choosing prints with appropriate scale has been a challenge, with so many little pieces.  I guess this is what stash is for!  I've written a bit more about my blocks in several blog posts and hope to continue to update here (and there) as I continue.

~ Jan  (Be*mused)

Monday, February 27, 2012

" Pandemonium Quilt" - the horse yard

Going down from the "fountain" panel is the "horse yard", it is 36"x18", to the right of this are rows of little pinwheel blocks and some printed fabrics. I enjoyed making this panel, it was rather fun putting in the different horses.Kim McL

border blocks

Hello everybody,

Nothing to report here, except the fact that I am still working on the borderblocks for my Lollipops.

The single block is one of the cornerblocks. They are all the same.

Before posting I counted the remainig blocks. 13 more to do! Now, that was a shock to discover!
My only excuse (besides a busy family life) is that I am quilting a quilt (now that it is still winter) and binding another one. I hate to bind. It takes forever (which I have prooven again).

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Flower Garden block 8

After being absent for a while (I did read and oh-and-ah-ed) I am back with the eigth block of Flower Garden. This last month I followed a masterclass on doing applique as I wasn't satisfied about my work. I learned a lot and I am planning to go ahead full steam with Flower Garden!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My 9 vases!!!

I just want to show you my 9 vases, I love making this quilt!!!

Anne , Copenhagen

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

" Pandemonium Quilt" - the pond & fountain panels

This is the top right corner of the quilt, next to the section shown in the previous post. The borders are the 3"pinwheel blocks and print squares.

I love ponds whatever shape or size they are, preferably those with water lilies and lotus flowers in them. At my childhood home, there was a large octagonal one, full of water lilies and fish, they look like goldfish but a lot bigger. I fell into it once and nearly drowned trying to catch tadpoles. It must have been a significant event because I can still remember the silt in my mouth and the murky water after being stirred up. Those lollypop figures lined up at the back are supposed to be standard trees in huge pottery containers, Mum had those too in her garden behind the pond. This is a real a fun panel to sew, with the swans, frogs and turtles, it is 30" x 15". I did some embroidery edging around the pond to give it a bit more definition. The lilies stems are also basic stem stitch.

The other panel is the "the fountain" - the TV shows with the castles had fountains a plenty. Can't remember which one it was, but in this program / episode, the fountain was framed by a rose arbour in bloom in the foreground and it looked so gorgeous. There are lots of circles in this block, but if you bag the circles for each jet of water, it goes quite fast. Or, how about joining all the circles into a contiuous water jet. This panel is 21"x12".

Will continue with the other sections of the quilt soon, cheers, Kim McL

Saturday, February 18, 2012

" Pandemonium Quilt" - top middle section

The photo shows the top middle section - this is the area next to the "folly" block, see post last week. I love the wheel block, have added a bit of applique to the corner patches of the block. I thought it needed something to balance out the stripes on the "serape" fabric. I love using stripes in blocks like this, the fabric make a pattern of its own. This block is 15"x15". The block down is the 4 stars one, the right top star is a bit dodgy, it sort of dribbled a bit, the fabric choice is a bit off, I think the contrast is too low. I would have preferred to use the "ombre" fabric in the browns but at the time I didn't have enough fabric to fussy cut the 8 star points. I did put some applique in the empty spots but may be it is a bit of an overkill ! Another option, you can use a feature print in the middle of the 4 stars or may be leave it alone and let the stars stand on their own. Next to it is the "flower petal" block, I used the "kirman" fabric and it did make the fabric look like the swiss cheese after fussy cutting the petals. A horizontal stripe fabric would be nice here too. This is another block you have to be careful when cutting the corner background patches. The patch goes to a line and you can't make a template with a line, so, you"ll have to measure 6" from the 90 degrees corners and mark the line before you cut the patch - see previous post on the 6 pointed star. These two blocks are 12"x12".
The applique panel to the left is " the pond" - I'll do another post with this one later. The applique panels and pieced blocks are separated by little pinwheels and print squares. Will post more soon! Kim McL

Thursday, February 16, 2012

" Pandemonium Quilt" - left bottom section

Thank you for your comments everyone, glad you're enjoying the snippets. The photo shows the section below the "rooster & hen vine" - see previous post. You can put your sunglasses on. The framed animal applique is 10" x 10" and surrounded by 1" strips " log cabin" like. Often, I've noticed in those castles that there are paintings of animals, perhaps they are the estate's prized animal stock. I thought I'll put my humble animals in their frames too. My mother used to put her photographs in an album fastened down by little clips that look like my frames in the applique. She also had porcelain plates that she mounted up on the wall - that upper 12" block is my version in applique. I had a number of fabrics for this one, didn't know which one to choose because I love them all. If you are sewing this one, the first flap has to be partially sewn until the last one is done and then you go back & finish stitching it down. The lower " six pointed star" is fun to do, but watch out for that corner pieces. The template for this section goes to a line & you can't make a template with a line. So, what you need to do is to measure 6" from the right angle corner and mark it on the fabric before you cut the patch, or you'll end up with 1/2" missing. I did mention this on the template sheet. The borders to the left are made up of 4" variable stars and 4" double circles applique in shot cottons and prints. I did love making these little blocks, a chance to do fussy cutting for the feature patches. The quilt is 92" x 92" finished size.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

" Pandemonium Quilt" - The Kitchen Garden block

This next block is " The Kitchen Garden" which sits under the " Folly" - left side of quilt.
It is 32" x 17". Those blobs you see in each corner are supposed to be vegetable plots - I'll leave it to your imagination to decide what they are! For me they are mainly colours, they don't really look anything resembling vegetables. They are contained in the curved " hedges" and if you are making this quilt, extend those curved and straight hedges right to the edge of the block and trim excess later. I've put in a number of farm animals including a little kitten who is terrorizing the chickens. This time I've managed to draw a dog also. The garden seats the cats are sleeping on are rather elaborate, I've seen those kind of seats in my travels, my daughter thought they were beds. The row of blocks separating the"folly" and " kitchen garden" are the double circles done on 3 fabrics, the shot cottons and 2 contrasting prints. They were fun to do!

Friday, February 10, 2012

" Pandemonium Quilt" - the Folly block

At long last, I've finished this quilt. It's a kind of sampler quilt, large applique blocks, surrounded by pieced ones. I had a blast making this quilt, from drawing it to the last bit. I've used the Kaffe collective fabrics and this time, having bought a stack of Kaffe's shot cottons, used those also as the backgrounds for the pieced blocks.
The background for the applique are in different fabrics which I already had in the store room. With hind sight, I think I should have used the different colour fabrics in Kaffe's " spots". I had a sudden "guilt" attack after cleaning out my store room and felt may be I need to use what is there. What a silly notion that is! Next time I should remember that spending a lot of time on a quilt, I should go for the best choice!
The applique blocks are sort of inspired by those gorgeous stately castles in TV programs such as " The Tudors' and " Downton Abbey". These places have things like a folly in their gardens and the kitchens have a garden where they grow herbs and farm animals running around. They also have gorgeous ponds and fountains and horse yards. I do my sewing watching these programs!
In the next weeks, I'll post more photos of the various parts of the quilt and the full view. The first one is the " Folly" block, I smiled a lot when I was drawing this block. Kim McLean

One down...

and 15 to go!  I am so happy to have one block of my Lollypops finished and to determine it's a keeper!  I remain amazed and inspired by all of you that post pictures of your finished "Kim Quilts" -- they are incredible riots of color - and in the best possible way!

I hope you're finding time to work on your latest creation!  Jan


This is my version of Roseville Album. As I had limited space on my wall, I had to leave the very beautiful border behind, and instead I made a sashing with 1" square.

I had a blast making this quilt. Thank you so much Kim, for making this lovely pattern available to us.

It has truly been a journey into different Technics.  I started out with using Starch method, and from there I moved to needle turn. And I love it!

Here is a view to the backing. Its Moon Flower by Phillip Jacobs.


Saturday, February 4, 2012


little lollypop blocks

Long time no see! I’ve been absent here for some time, but finally there’s something to share with you again.

Four cornerblocks for the Lollypop Tree quilt.

Two bigger borderblocks

Four smaller borderblocks. 

These little blocks are so much fun to work on! I’m using up some scraps for the lollypop’s and as I’m making the Lollypop Tree quilt at 75%, these blocks are also made at 75%, which is a bit fiddly at times.

After a whole year of Kim McLean club meetings, we (my quiltfriend and I) decided we needed a break, but it’s harder now to stay focussed on making the quiltblocks. 

Nicolette (from a very Wintery in snow covered and very cold Holland!)

Left panel in Flower Pots

This is to be the left side panel. I am having a blast stitching those large shapes and lovely smooth curves. Thank you Kim for the lovely pattern!.

There is one flower that I think is not so great in colors, but it gets to stay for now, at least until I get to see some more panels finished.

I love however the fabric and colors in the large flower bowl.