Friday, February 14, 2014


So the quilting really does make the quilt.  I had this one machine quilted by Three Sisters Quilting in New Paris, Indiana.

  It is amazing to see what they did, especially with all the white spaces.  Now I have to put on the binding and give the quilt back to my in-laws 1 and 1/2 years after their 50th Wedding anniversary.
I wrote a poem to go with this quilt and included the ending of the poem for those who might enjoy it.
 " so when you decide to call it a night,
 You'll say your night prayers and snuggle up tight.
Or if your bodies just need a good rest,
Head on upstairs and get into your nest.
Climb under this quilt and know were all near,
to keep you both warm or blot up a tear.
In spirit, we are always close to your hearts,
though many long miles keep us apart.
Mom and Dad we all love you and we thank you with glee,
for the gift of our lives and the Bobrowski family."

Thank you all for your inspiring and kind words and well as your shared projects that kept me inspired years into the project.  Lets keep the encouragement going and bring the beauty and love of quilting into the generations that follow.  Pete

Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Roseville is finished!!!! yippee......

This quilt took me quite awhile, I made many quilts while working steadly on this one.  It's all hand needleturn applique and hand quilted by "little Oh Me"....... Kaffe fabrics except for a few hand dyed fabrics.  I changed the design on the outside border for what I call "the littld hands" I didn't care for those at all.  The background fabric is a white on white cotton. It's Queen Size.  Crosshatch plus around many of the applique pieces.  I am so glad I stuck with it and it's finished!!!!!any questions, just contact me.  Oh yes, taking into account that I traveled a lot and worked full time while making this, I constantly worked on it in the evenings.  From first needle to last stitch, took me 3 yrs 2 months and 18 days....