Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hello all. I'm so happy to be able to post now.  Here's my biggest applique achievement so far. I started it a few months after it was published. First, I thought "No way!", but my husband told me I simply had to make it as it is so fabulously crazy. Crazy in a fun and wonderful way! The blocks took approx. 1 year to finish. Then I had a break for a few months, but finally got it all put together last spring. I entered "Pandy" at a local quilt show in Stafford/Houston in September. It won "Best of Show", "1st Prize" and "Best Workmanship". The quilt was too big for the wall and the organizers folded the top over so it wouldn't lay on the floor, hence top rows not showing. I didn't leave them out! LOL The detail photos are not necessarily in their right places as they were not yet sewn together at that point.
I saw Kim's original Pandemonium at the Houston Quilt Festival in October. It was awesome! People who saw it were floored in amazement. ;)   I'm so grateful for Kim's patterns and for my husband who pushed me to make this one.
I'm curious who else has made, or is making this quilt?
Happy Holidays!