Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A New Lollipop Tree Block

This past weekend I made the components for my next Lollipop Tree block.  What I mean is that I traced the pieces onto the fusible web; cut them out; selected fabrics; fused the shapes to the fabric, and cut out the shapes.

This morning I was ready to set the pieces and fuse them onto the background fabric.

One challenge to this process is that my ironing board is quite a bit narrower than the quilt block.  The first blocks I did for this quilt I did the bottom half of the quilt first, and then the top half on my ironing board.  They came out fine but it was kind of scary.  I couldn't be absolutely sure if all the elements were going to fit! 

But this problem was not so difficult to solve (I should have thought of it earlier).  I placed a piece of Insulbrite batting (that's the type of batting you use for oven mitts) and then a towel on top of my sewing table.  I placed the background piece on top and I was ready to begin.

  I started with the stems,and then I added the large elements.

Then I started to add the smaller pieces.  This is where it can get tricky; there are ALOT of little pieces to add, especially in this particular block.

Almost done!

After lots of fussing and endless adjusting, it's time for The Moment of Truth

Once it's ironed, there's no turning back.

Done!  The whole process  I just described took 1 hour.

OK, it's confession time:  has anyone noticed how the green circles in the center of the block (right next to the stem) magically shrank for the final picture?  I will tell you honestly that all 5 of the blocks that I've made from this quilt pattern have needed small adjustments for space.  So the green circles got smaller.   And the truly obsessed among you will also notice that there are 2 circles missing from the top of the block.  I JUST COULDN'T MAKE ROOM FOR THEM.  So my question is, will my jail cell be Solitary Confinement when the Quilt Police come and arrest me, or will I have company?

Flower Pots

Well, so far, so good. This is a picture of my first completed block from Flower Pots. I am doing this in the Asian/Oriental fabrics and am very happy with the results. The background has some shimmery lights to it so the silvers and golds of the applique fabrics work great. The second small block is almost done...I only need to do one more star...messed up the original star I had made so have to redo it.

The story of the third block which is the long panel on the right side of these blocks is sad. Since I am not used to working with large blocks of fabric for applique, I was folding the fabric so it would be easier. NOT a good idea! Actually, you could say it was a BAD idea. I like to snip the background under the applique so that it is easier to pull out the freezer paper after I am done and it has been soaked. Well, I bet you can guess what happened ... Yup ... with the fabric folded over I was snipping 2 areas ... one right where I wanted it to be snipped, and oh yes, another one underneath where I really didnt want it to be snipped. The first time I did that I was going to be able to put my applique over it so I used some Fray Block on the spot and continued appliquing above it, but woe is me ... I did another snip for another spot of applique, and yep, did the snipping again on the underneath and this time I am not going to be able to use it ... so I am going to stop on that particular piece, hopefully be able to save some of the background for smaller pieces and start over on another background panel. And of course, my applique is so small, that I really am not going to be able to take the pieces off to use again so will have to remake them. And yes, I really wanted to thank those who responded to my earlier question of the bias vines and suggestions of ways to do them ... I am using the basting on the vines ... what a concept! it is really a lot easier way to do it. More later on my continuing saga of this quilt .... never give up!! never give up!!! (alberta)

An Oldie but a Goodie

Here is a picture of version of "The Sarah Evans Quilt" I did in a class with Kim McLean a few years ago.  I enjoyed putting the top together and learned a lot from Kim in the process.
As you can see, only a small part of the quilting has been done.  It will definitely be finished one day.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Princess Feather

I went shopping yesterday to pick up a few more fabrics for my Roseville and while I was looking found a wonderful background fabric. I have my plate full right now but wondered if anyone could tell me how large the blocks of the Princess Feather quilt are? We have a king size bed and I wondered how large the quilt would be with 3 X 3 blocks instead of the 2 X 2 that the pattern shows.

Working on the heart

I'm working on "The Heart" quilt by Kaffe Fasset... cuz... I want and NEED to.. sneaked in a bit yesterday morning before work.. woot woot! (see previous post HERE)

Auditioning the heart. Here is what the center fabric was cut from... I angled the heart in order to center the shape

I tried a brown for the 'rim' but it's too dark

Tried this teal and like it much better... don't you think this is the one?

and some fabric to work with ... dots were mailed Saturday!

I will audition the entire center before fusing it.. stay tuned for more!

pat sloan

Where can I buy roseville pattern in sydney

Dear All,
I really enjoy your blocks...They are so beautiful. I am still looking for the pattern. I need information asap, where can i buy roseville pattern in sydney...sos..my friend will be there only for two days....Thank you so much
Happy sewing

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hi guys! (guysettes?)

Just finished my first lollipop. I like it. Caught myself smiling when i was looking at it. That says a lot. My circlish circles could be better though, but hey, who's perfect.

Second Block

Is finished. I seem to be going for the four corner blocks first, then perhaps I will tackle a larger one, maybe the house or the horse block.
Had a lot of fun with this one, the centre fabric is my favourite I think.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Starts a lot

Prior to this year I must have been subconciously trying to take out the tiltle of Queen of Starts. I now call a lot of the projects practice pieces.

The Lollypop Trees is the first pattern I got of Kims and I didn't have any Kaffe fabrics so I ordered a pack and started a stash. The problem was that I didn't have a clue how to cut them up or use them to get a good effect. The fabrics were so different to what I'd worked with before.

I have to admit to being a copy cat and using Kim's quilt to guide me and that's my excuse for the blocks being pretty much the same. I know better now with the three quilts I have at various stages. I can cut away with gay abandon so I guess copying this one served a purpose.
This is the one that I want to go back to after Stars and Sprigs, I still love it and would like to see it finished.
I didn't do perfect circles, I did blobs and I loved not having to fuss over them. I think it adds to the whimsy of the quilt. Photos can be clicked on for a closer look.
The fabrics I used for the backgrounds are Moda Marbles. They fray a lot at the edges and you may notice the edges of the small untrimmed blocks. I like to use a wave blade to cut the backgrounds, it prevents the loose threads getting caught up with my sewing.

Roseville Album

Thank you to Pam for allowing me to join this blog!
I have been admiring all of your work for a few weeks now and have finally ordered the Roseville Album quilt pattern; I was tempted to order the kit as well from the website but the bright fabrics are not really me; with the help of the owner of my LQS (thanks Evy!) I chose a lovely japanese ivory fabric with etched white flowers and leaves for the background and a few FQ's of civil war fabrics in shades of pink, brown, blue and yellow-green, I then spent several hours this afternoon digging out all my scraps changing my mind and the colours several times, before I settled on a muted palette of yellows through oranges to Red with an accent of blue, now if only the pattern would hurry up and arrive I could get started!
Looking forward to making this quilt with you all

Originally from Scotland, currently living in the Netherlands

Clerical minutiae and housekeeping.

Hello Fellow Appliquers!!!

I am writing to send a HUGE thank you to ALL who have been participating here on the Glorious Applique blog.  : )  You surprise, WOW and humble me with your interest, talent, creativity, and enthusiasm.

I want you to be aware that I will be off the grid and unavailable via the web from Friday 8/27 AM until Monday 8/30 AM.  So, if you wish an invitation to join, it will have to wait until I return.  I am not ignoring you.  I just won't be on the net.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

I look forward to seeing what's happening and catching up with you when I return!?  Enjoy your weekend.  : )

Piecefully, Pam

Question on weekend cutting??

Somewhere on a previous post or comments, I remember someone (I think it was Kim???) saying she cuts all the pieces for her quilt out in one weekend.  This idea is really appealing to me--I am afraid if I do it a bit at a time, my color preferences will shift and the blocks won't go together as well.  (I tend to go in color spurts)  If anyone does this (the all in a weekend thing), I would appreciate hearing more about the process and suggestions as to how to keep the process under control and not become overwhelming.  Any pointers or suggestions?  (I finished cutting out all the background pieces for my Roseville today so I'm excited to get started!)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Waiting on dots

I found these dots... and now I'm stalled as they MAY be perfect for my heart center.. really perfect.. so perfect I'm going to wait for them to get here before I proceed!

And if you ever own an store.. and don't list yardage available.. when someone writes you and asks how much you have.. just tell them... don't ask how much they need... and then answer emails just once a day...

I am slowing going insane until I know how much I can order... tomorrow I order from another shop if i don't hear ... just saying... as I'm sure none of YOU would torture a quilter like this

pat sloan

Blue Collection

Hope this is OK to add to this blog as it is not a Kim or Kaffe. I do love those Dutch Wax prints that are in this quilt.


Lone Star

Here are the close-ups of the Lone Star.

I changed this block a bit, the basket is different, I added circles to the 3 leaves on each side and well here is my ooppss! I forgot to applique the vine down from the leaves on before I did the two flowers so my stems/vines do not go down to the basket...so REMEMBER that when you go do make this block! I am ok with my mistake and decided its ok to give myself a little freedom the pattern!

It is so exciting to see the 4 blocks together....now to decide which block to do next!

Princess Feather

Last Summer I started the applique for Kim's Princess Feather pattern. I was asked to post it here, so here I go....
I do my applique a bit different from most people and I posted about it here.
Now for the pics...for lack of a better place, I pinned my blocks to a quilt top I had hanging.

I'm new to blogger and the pics aren't going where I think I'm putting them, so please forgive the odd placement?

I quilted the Princess Feather with 1/4 wreaths in each corner of the blocks and diagonal lines 3/4" apart in the backgrounds of the blocks and borders. I quilted in the ditch around all of the appliques and added a row of quilting through the center of each feather to give it a spine.

For the back of the quilt I used a white sateen weave cotton sheet. It was easy to quilt through, unlike a regular weave sheet, and it gives a pretty look to the stitches. I'm posting a pic of the back side so you can see the quilting a little better.

Blue washout pen...

Hi all

Well I teach hand quilting without a hoop and have done for many years and I always talk to the ladies about the blue washout pen.
It is as Cathy says and I use it the same way with caution as I have had it come back some years later under my hand quilting.
That was however before I realised that even the heat of the day can be enough.

So if you use it make sure you take care.

Happy stitching


Here is a photo of the quilt that you asked about. Not a Kim pattern, but mostly Kaffe fabs. I didn't know how to quilt it, so am ditching it in clear thread.
I am working on block 3 for RA. Doing the vase reminds me of the vases in The Blue Collection.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blue Washout Pens

I have had quite a few emails asking me about the safety of the blue washout pen, so I thought I would show how I use them. I have been appliqueing using these pens for over 10 years and have never had any trouble, however there are a couple of things you do need to think about. One of the most important is to avoid heat...I used to live in Brisbane (a pretty hot climate) and if a block was left in a hot car for a few hours, the pen could have been 'set' by the heat. Once you have marked a block with blue pen, never iron it until you have washed the pen out.

Firstly I generally only draw out 1 or 2 blocks at a time. Leaving the blue pen in for a long time is not a good idea, having said that a few months is usually ok. I trace the pattern onto my block using a lightbox, if you don't have one of those, sticking the pattern onto a window or putting a lamp underneath a glass table top work just as well. 
Once the applique on the block is finished, I then totally submerge it in cold water (water only, do not use any soap or detergent at this stage). Give it a gentle swish around, I usually do this for about 1-2 minutes. This removes all traces of blue pen.
Give it a gentle wring out by hand...
Hang it up to dry...
Once dry, I then iron it with the steam setting on. At this point I have never had any lines coming back, or even any yellow lines showing up.
This is the method I use to wash out the blue pen...does anyone else use the blue pen? How do you wash it out?

Sorry for the lay-out, i'm not a computercapable person.

The lollipops with the yellow leaves is my first block so far. The blue leaves i managed to prepare to take with me to Birmingham. To my disppointment, no quilts from Kim McLean, a lot of Kaffe Fassett though : quilts, fabric and even the person : tall, smiling, relaxed.
The dark red leaves are my third block. Now i would like very much to have your honest opinion because i am doubting myself very much at this point.

Meanwhile i am stewing over Kims heart quilt in the romance book. I found those background fabrics : 4 almost identical kaki background with pink spots. The layout of the spots is different in each one. With a Kaffe border (once finished), the right hand one probably, and i am thinking with repro's and japanese taupe.And maybe tht at kind of soft orange for the heart. But for the moment just stewing, to much other things going on.

About a week ago i read an entry on the blog from someone (couldn't find it back) who was talking about doing the circles from lollipop without the precut circles preparations. I just want to say i totally agree with her that it is more suitable for this pattern to do them without the templates, because then you have more of the oval shape as on the original pattern. I also think it takes a lot of the possible boredom of sewing that many circles away. I trace my circles from the pattern and then just crease the sewing line between thumb and index. I also crease the sharp points of the leaves.

I do have a question though : how do you put your shapes on the place where they belong, do you eyeball it or is there a method to get them on the right spot?

Could i also ask you, since i have the impression lots of you are using the blue watersoluble pen, to watch out with that : 2 of my quilts i made years ago, after rinsing them in the washing machine, show yellowish lines instead of the former blue ones. So i don't use that pen anymore, unless i can wash the lines out the same day i put them on.
Sorry for the layout again, have no patience now for searching everything out, but i do want to tell you how much i really love this blog.

Choices are made.

These are the Fabrics I came home with today from my LPS...off white tone on tone stripe for the background & 'French Hat Box' by Tanya Whelan for the applique..whew!..this is more Me...Shabby Chic. Soft and Pretty...That's My Lollipop Tree.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Second Block

I completed a second block for the RA. I wish I had better vision for fussy cutting. I seem to agonize over fabric selection and am not always satisfied with the result, but it is what it is.
I have a pile of clam shells printed and am thinking of using them for a border for the Lollys. I had started to piece them for another project, but may use them here instead.