Sunday, October 31, 2010

Third Lollipop Block

It was fun to finish my third lollipop block as we celebrate Halloween here in the states. I have also came to realize how beautiful Kaffe fabrics will be in pieced quilts. Every time that I finish a block, I began to think of what fabrics I can use in my next one. Thank You all so much for sharing and for your wonderful comments and inspiration.

I am using machine appliqué but I am turning my edges under using freezer paper and starch.

Someone recently asked me what would happen if I did not turn my edges under. I thought that was interesting question and decided to do an experiment. I took a block and used three different fusibles, I thought after washing it, I would have a mess. I was really surprised.

the set of leaves on the right were ran through the washer and dryer once, the second picture, I ran through the Washer and dryer five more times. I was really surprised at how well the fusible and the stitching held the fabric in place.

The first fusible did not do as well as the other two, the first one was a lite steam fusible, the second one was heat n bond lite, the third one was steam a seam that comes on a roll.

Just some information, I still like turning my edges under but I thought it was really interesting to see how well the pieces held up after five or six washings.

On to block four of my lollipops,

Happy stitching,
the lollipop girl

Kaffe and Liza in Houston

Just saw this on the "TQS" website. There they are! With Alex Anderson, who's over the moon about the new stripes line.

Difficult Decision

I am so happy that I have RA,PF,LT ( and TFS ( It was not an easy decision which one will I make first. I love all of them. Finally I choose to start with The Sarah Evans Quilt (thank kim for the information).

Most of the fabrics are Kaffe Fasset, I will add the fabrics along with the process. I need to order them from gloriouscolor, because Kaffe fasset collections at local quilt shops are very limited.
I scan the pattern, enlarge them, and print directly on freezer paper. After write down the number and cut out the pattern, I iron them onto the right side of fabrics, and trace them around. Choosing the fabrics is another big issue. Maybe it is not the right process, but i choose fabric for one piece of the pattern and then do applique instead of choose and cut for all the pieces of the pattern. I do front basting and needle turn method. I could not stop....

Here is my first block. It took me one day to complete it. For the stems I use clover quick bias. My buddy insisted me to take a picture of him with the block:)
I cannot wait to continue with another block and another pattern. My sewing machine is kaput right now, another reason not to continue with another projects..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ready to begin

Here's my Kaffe/Brandon stash. I received my Stars and Sprigs pattern. The center pile is the background for the applique blocks with the center markings machine stitched as Kim suggested in the pattern. I'm going to use the darker grey for the stems. As much as I loved the darker background choices so many of you made, it just didn't happen in my mind's eye for me. Hope I can find some time to start on the blocks in the next few weeks so I can stitch my way through the holidays and share some blocks!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Great blocks!

I've missed seeing everyone's work whilst I was in Tokyo, couldn't get the WiFi thing to work properly( didn't see any quilt shops, but plenty of shoes).
Anyway, I've spent a glorious hour going back 2 weeks reading all your posts and comments. Can't believe how much has been done! Well stitched everyone, the blocks are looking scrumptious. One day, I think we should have a worldwide show of the quilts you're doing here, it would be really awesome.
If it is permitted to take photos at Houston, can someone please take a pic of the the RA amongst the Baltimores? I'd love to see it. Hi to Liza and the boys, wish I were there. Have fun everyone at the quilt show and come back with lots of fabrics and gadgets and post the pics so we can drool. Kim McL

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Choosing a restrained

color palette has been much harder than I expected.  I plan to make my Roseville Album quilt in the likeness of the antique red and green Christmas quilts.  Instead of a white background I wanted to use black for greater drama.

So, I am sticking to mostly green and red fabrics.  Also, I have made the conscious choice to use many solid colored fabrics as opposed to prints.  I am cutting into my shot cottons and hand dyed fabrics too!

It feels good to add a Kaffe for peeks and punches of color here and there. Every now and then a print is also required!  I spent a great deal of time today selecting the rest of these fabrics and doing prep work.

I think I like how it's looking.  The circles will add more FUN and interest too.  All in good time.

Piecefully, Pam

I will be out of town for several days.  Unlike Liza, I will NOT be in Houston. Nor will I have internet access.  See you when I get back.  ; )


All 9 center blocks set together. I'm very pleased with all of it. I did change the blocks around as I was balancing the darkness and size of the vases. I have 4 applique blocks to catch up with from 2 BOM's before I will let myself start on the side panel. Each side panel will take awhile to applique but I will post some progress pictures along the way. I'll keep sewing as fast as I can so I can get back to this. Enjoy, Julee

Off to Houston

Today I head for Houston to work at Market (wholesale) and Festival (retail). I am meeting up with the Glorious Guys for dinner. Then it is work work work for 9 full days. It is fun and exhausting. If you see me, say hello. You cant miss me, I am with the very tall, good looking older gentleman and the not so tall, adorable, cheeky younger man. I will be trying to keep up.


Block # 3 is finally finished. So like you guys i put what i have so far together on my wall. It's BIG. But i do like it. I am quite curious to see where this is going though. Well today i'll have a partial answer since i finally have the time to prepare the next block(s?).
Having fun and wishing the same to you,


Hi everyone, my name is Sharon and I live in North Queensland Australia.

I ordered the Lollypop Tree pattern and a starter pack of Kaffe's fabrics yesterday - just have to wait for them to arrive from America now.... tapping fingers....

I have been reading through this blog and have found the beautiful work to be very inspiring. I will be using this method for applique - using iron-on wash-away stabiliser. Does anyone else use this method?

Most of my hand sewing has been paper-piecing - hexagons etc. I am jumping into the deep end with this applique as up until now I have only done a few small projects.

Can't wait to get started and join you all in these wonderful projects.


Roseville Squirrel Panel

I finally finished my left panel (more or less).  There are a couple of pieces that I'm not thrilled with, but I'm not going to change them, at least not now--I'm hoping they'll either grow on me or I'll forget them.  

I'm also working on one of the center blocks, too, so I could have something smaller to tote around, but it's still in process.  (Hopefully it'll be finished quicker than my panel was!)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The First Pink Corner Block

As part of my journey with breast cancer treatment, I decided to make the four corner blocks of Roseville in pinks. Now I just have to find a way to make them blend with the house panel and subsequent blocks. Repeating the turquoise shot cotton is a step in that direction. This block went so much faster than the house panel, and I loved every stitch!

my Lollipop blocks 3 & 4

My 3rd & 4th blocks pinned ready for Basting...I've purchased some more fabrics in this range Ava Rose & Darla so I am gradually bringing them in with the fabrics I started with...have caught up with some blogs here today & the different combos are fantastic..this blog keeps me going...
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It took me awhile to finish this block, but it is done. I will post later this week all 9 blocks sewed together. I need to catch up on two of my BOM so will not start my side panel until these are done.

It took me long enough

I made this cut-down version of Hearts and Flowers as a baby gift for a great-niece. I love the entire quilt and really wanted to make all the borders, but I just don't need anything that big. I plan to use the borders I skipped in another project some day.

I've been making applique quilts for a long time, but had not done anything this elaborate and structured before. Fellow blogger Marion had given me the Piece O' Cake quilting video (Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins Teach you to Quilt the Piece O' Cake Way) last Christmas, and I decided to try their methods. The video is very easy to follow and Becky and Linda are both talented teachers. It worked well for me.

I had some Kaffe Fassett fabrics on hand and ordered a starter package from Glorious Color. I used a lot of other non-Kaffes in my stash as well. I wanted to personalize it just a little so added an S for Sophia Irene and a couple of extra hearts.

I relished every stitch of this quilt and fell asleep every night thinking of the next challenge, the next color, the next fabric, the next flower, the next leaf. Doesn't everyone?

The title of this posting refers both to the making of the quilt (March-October) and to the fact that I've been "lurking" since the very first days of Glorious Applique. Thanks for setting this up, Pam--it is endlessly entertaining and inspiring.

On to Flower Pots!

A Little Bit Larger Lollipops

I added my squares around by blocks, so much beautiful color. I did make a couple of changes, not to the pattern but to the size. I know the quilt pattern finishes 94 x 94 but I wanted to make it larger for a king size bed. I laid out the pattern on a 21 inch background square instead of 18 inch background square, my little squares I cut 3 1/2 inches instead of 2 1/2 inches. I had a lot of fun cutting out the squares, even fussy cut some of them. I think my finished quilt will now finish somewhere around 120 x 120 and I did not have to change the pattern at all. Can't wait to get started on block number three.

Happy stitching,

the lollipop girl

Monday, October 25, 2010

My Process

I thought I would show you how I am going about doing the side panels of the Roseville Quilt. There are over 150 pieces and the idea of picking out fabrics is way outside my comfort zone.
First I numbered each piece on the pattern and gave it a color. I used the picture as a reference for colors but I also switched some out to something I liked.

 I traced all the pieces on freezer paper, wrote down the number and the color and cut them out. I separated them into sets 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 and so on, to make it a little easier to keep track of.

Next I laid out all my fabrics on the kitchen table, there was a lot more than I thought....It was a lot easier to see what I had and to make sure certain colors look good together.

As you can see not a lot of brown, yellow or orange. I might need to beef them up!

Then I just went up and down the kitchen table and picked out a color that was written on the freezer paper. I didn't spend a lot of time choosing a fabric just went for a variety of colors. It worked pretty well, I only changed a few colors that were either too similar or just really didn't work.

Next I traced around them and cut them out. I kept them in their sets, because once the paper comes off I wanted to make sure I didn't spend hours trying to match them back up.

I then decided to test them right on the pattern. My background fabric is a light color with very pale blue polka dots, so the pattern color worked for me.
It took me 2 days to do this with all the pieces but I think in the end it was worth it. I now have to cut out the stems and start the applique process. Most likely I will only glue down a few at a time because it is a long piece of fabric.

Tonight, after 2 days of fabric all over the kitchen, my husband said "The show Hoarders called, they are coming over".


Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone,

I'm on the road, and looking at this blog in my tiny phone screen.
Dying to see what everyone is up to! Am having Glorious Applique deprivation.
Will join you all soon .
Cheers, Kim McL

Sunday, October 24, 2010

center is stitched.. yeah baby!

my Center Heart is ALL stitched.. this is the quilt on the UFO pile for my 12 tips to UFO busting (where I'm telling ALL... LOL!)

I won't be doing anymore on it until Nov... getting ready for Houston as I leave friday!

If you are at the market.. I'm in the Sullivans booth... front 1100 I think... at Festival I'll be at Quiltapoolza first night.... then working APQS longarm booth in 800... come see me!!!!!!

Pat Sloan

A Friend's Quilt

I just returned from my local quilt guild's fall retreat, Camp Wannamakeablankie. One of the guild members, Pam, pieced this entire log cabin quilt top at camp. It is made entirely of Kaffe Fassett's fabrics and it was just wonderful. Each block center was fussy cut.
I believe this pattern is found in Kaffe Fassett's book Quilt Romance.
Are any of you Glorious Appliquers headed to Houston to the the International Quilt Festival? I am so excited to be seeing Kim's Roseville Album in person. There is also a lunch lecture on Thursday, November 4, by Kaffe Fassett.
Happy Stitching,

Glorious Applique Blog Button!!!

Thanks to Gay of Sentimental Stitches there is a Glorious Applique blog button/widget that is up for 'grabs'!!!  : )  HoOrAy!!!  So...SEW, please grab the button, post it on your blog and spread the Glorious Applique goodness!!! I LOVE you, Gay!!!  Thanks ever SEW much.  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

Lollipop Block Number Two

Every time I sit down to pick out my fabrics, it is just amazing how much fun it is. Love the bright colors of the happy, happy Kaffe fabrics.

Thrilled that the second block is finished, do have a really cute story to tell. This block has 35 circles, when my three year old grandson was playing here last week, I decided to work with some of the circles while he ate lunch. He watched me intensely for a couple of minutes and then said to me," Nana, are you making basketballs ". No basketballs here, just lollipops.

Two blocks are finished now, can't wait to start on the third. I have decided that I'm going to add the squares around the blocks before I start on the third block.

Thank you all for so much inspiration, keep on sharing because I love seeing your photographs and hearing all about your work.

Happy stitching,
the lollipop girl

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Moving right along

Progress has slowed a lottle, but my ambition remains alive. This shows my progress, not all are appliqued yet, but I need to take pictures like this to see the overall look easier. I can also study the layout and change what is not sewn down yet. Much learning has taken place, and I am inspired to keep going and try new ways as I follow all the projects. Stars and sprigs is on the horizon but I am to finish this for Christmas.

I would love any and all feedback, as I am still a beginner.


My Second Block

This block took me a long time to finish but I am happy with the results. I did not enjoy all the small flowers and don't think my stitches look as good as they should. I do like my polka dots and will be using them throughout the quilt. Overall my quilt will have a lot of red/pink because I tend to like stronger colors.


These Lollipops are So Sweet!

Oh, I know how naughty I am - I just had to have a little play to find if if there are any differences in design preparation - oh, yes there are as I found out very quickly! Those lovely big pieces are so nice to handle, but perhaps take a little more thought fussy cutting and having just the right fabrics on hand! I'm really happy I have tried - now it gives me a better understanding of what the different girls are doing - I wonder if I will get one complete block out of the fabrics I have on hand - it will be fun trying. Have a little peak at my blog to see what you think of my time-management ideas - oh, I wonder if I will have this all stitched down by next weekend - that's the whole block I mean, lol!
Happy Weekend - hugs - Lurline

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lolly Pop Trees Started

I finished two blocks of my Lolly Pop Trees Quilt.
I believe the hardest  part for me is choosing the fabrics for each piece.
I spend more time shuffling fabric around trying to decide which one to use.

A lot of the fabrics are not available anymore and being mostly left brained - once I see one in the quilt its hard for me to substitute.

Those aqua leaves at the top of this block are bothering me.  What do you think?

Block 1 progress

Previously very fearful of attempting needleturn applique, as it looked so difficult, I can now say that I love it and have found it so relaxing to stitch a bit each evening in front of the TV.
Here's the progress so far on my 1st block, I had trouble choosing which fabrics/colours to start with & found all your advice really helpful, thanks girls :) Looking at this photo now I'm wondering if it is a bit too pink, hopefully the last 2 leaves will balance that out a bit. I'm not sure if I'll add all the smaller circles yet as I quite like this simpler version, I do tend to like doing things slightly different & rarely follow patterns exactly.......we'll see how it goes.
Loving this blog & catching up with everyones progress, real works of art are being produced here, keep it up girls!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Creating a custom GA blog button/widget.

Hello.  Please bear with me as I attempt to create a custom button for our GA blog.  As a non-geek without technical help (Matt - are you reading this...?!?!  Send HELP quick!!!) I am trying to 'crack the code' and make this thing work.  For now, please disregard the icon/button above the list of contributors.  If I clear or remove it, all the html text, etc. will be lost. Thank you for your tolerance and patience!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  I'm not upset with this, just challenged and intrigued!  ; )  And, I have managed bits of time for some sewing this week too...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Only 2 more to go

Block #14 out of 16. The home stretch, if you dont count the small blocks.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Block Four.... completed!
Ahh I'm in applique heaven with this quilt, I have just drawn out the tree onto freezer paper (yes, my next block will be the animal block at the bottom of the quilt), and check out all the glorious curves to be stitched!!!
It is so wonderful watching Kim's glorious patterns turning into very different quilts with the various and beautiful colour choices on display here on the GA blog. Thanks for the inspiration and eye candy everyone!
Cabbage Quilts xo