Friday, October 29, 2010

Great blocks!

I've missed seeing everyone's work whilst I was in Tokyo, couldn't get the WiFi thing to work properly( didn't see any quilt shops, but plenty of shoes).
Anyway, I've spent a glorious hour going back 2 weeks reading all your posts and comments. Can't believe how much has been done! Well stitched everyone, the blocks are looking scrumptious. One day, I think we should have a worldwide show of the quilts you're doing here, it would be really awesome.
If it is permitted to take photos at Houston, can someone please take a pic of the the RA amongst the Baltimores? I'd love to see it. Hi to Liza and the boys, wish I were there. Have fun everyone at the quilt show and come back with lots of fabrics and gadgets and post the pics so we can drool. Kim McL


  1. Wow..that had to be hard going without the internet? I get cranky if I have to go one day without!
    If they didn't have fabric shops...I hope you got some cute shoes? ;)

    I'd love to see pics from Houston too..if anyone is going.

  2. I am heading to Houston. Don't know if they allow photos but if they do I will get them!

  3. I was in Tokyo about 1.5 years ago and looked for fabric. There happened to be a quilt show-display in a department store.The fabric was bundled in small packages ..quite wonderful....its now pillows .

  4. I hope you are having a wonderful time in Tokyo Kim, did you buy some shoes?!!! xo

  5. Hi Kim, they don't allow pictures of your quilt, there is a honking great "no photos" pic right next to it.... however I think if I snap one while I'm going up the escalators I can get it, will give it a go! :-)

  6. Yeh, photos may be taken of the Show, but NOT special exhibits within the Show!!! : / Rats.

    Tokyo?! Did you buy shoes...?! Will you post photos...?!

    Glad if you're back to the www. Me too. Just.