Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Front basting?

Can someone help me out? I'm sure I know what this is but maybe under another name? I've got limited internet here at the hotel, but I'll be home by Saturday. I can't wait to pick up my mail. WooHoo!!!


  1. I think front basting is a method of applique. It is also called back basting. It is where you draw your design on the BACK of the fabric, then you choose which item you want to applique and pin the fabric to the front of the block over the item area. The fabric you are pinning on the front has to be bigger than the item and is also front side out. Then, from the back, you baste on the drawn lines around the item. When this is done, you turn the block over, remove the pins and trim your seam allowance just outside the basting line. To applique the item you snip the basting stitches and then pull them out one at a time as you needle turn the edge under and stitch your way around the piece. Voila! Applique done! Hopefully this makes sense!

  2. See the post on this blog dated August 24 for a front basting example. Maybe?? this link will take you to it:

  3. This list is simiply wonderful for sharing tips! After years of FP on top, drawing around leaf or shape with pigma pen or pencil or chalk, I tried backbasting at least 5 times. Finally took class with Jeanna Kimball. I really like it, but started drawing along my basting stitches with a pigma pen or chalk pencil. It was just hard for me to stitch those inner curves after taking out the few basting stitches.
    I draw pattern on the back of the fabric, reversing where necessary. (THe tissue of Kim's patterns is easy to use, as you can see through it.) After basting a piece to applique, I take a pigma pen or Sew Line pencil and draw along the outside of the basting stitches. When I needleturn, the pigma turns under at just the right place for stitching! No more worries about
    curves or points because they're marked. I don't even use a #8 needle or quilting thread to do this, since my stitching line is visible. Guess this is "backbasting made simple." Certainly helps me prepare and stitch more quickly!
    A good website for applique techniques is I'm not advertising,
    just sharing info. Connie Haidle has wonderful tutorials on applique and graciously shares them with everyone.
    Whatever method you use, just enjoy the journey!
    Brenda, who just has to unscramble these Kaffe's
    before starting Block #2...

  4. Hey, Eileen, this is the method which convinced me to do hand appliqué!
    If you ggogle under "back basting" you will find all kind of tutorials:)