Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hi glorious appliquers,
I've been invited to join your fantastic group.
I've been a stalker, lurker for a couple of months now and
finally gave in. I've got the Roseville pattern and during
my trip to the States, the end of this month, I'll start
my own Kaffee stash! Can't wait to get my hands on
that fantastic fabric and to finally get started appliquing the super
Wish me luck, and hopefully I'll be blogging and showing off
my glorious appliques real soon.

Lorene from Holland


  1. Hi Anne,
    Boy, you're really moving along with this quilt
    Love the colors and your background fabric. Keep up the good work, I'll be watching your progress all the way here in Holland.


  2. Welcome Lorene, I think you will enjoy this group, there is lots of support!

  3. Welcome, Lorene! We're excited for you and watching what amazing fabrics you will find...?! ; )

  4. Lorene, glad you've joined the group, love to see your first block! Kim McL