Sunday, October 31, 2010

Third Lollipop Block

It was fun to finish my third lollipop block as we celebrate Halloween here in the states. I have also came to realize how beautiful Kaffe fabrics will be in pieced quilts. Every time that I finish a block, I began to think of what fabrics I can use in my next one. Thank You all so much for sharing and for your wonderful comments and inspiration.

I am using machine appliqué but I am turning my edges under using freezer paper and starch.

Someone recently asked me what would happen if I did not turn my edges under. I thought that was interesting question and decided to do an experiment. I took a block and used three different fusibles, I thought after washing it, I would have a mess. I was really surprised.

the set of leaves on the right were ran through the washer and dryer once, the second picture, I ran through the Washer and dryer five more times. I was really surprised at how well the fusible and the stitching held the fabric in place.

The first fusible did not do as well as the other two, the first one was a lite steam fusible, the second one was heat n bond lite, the third one was steam a seam that comes on a roll.

Just some information, I still like turning my edges under but I thought it was really interesting to see how well the pieces held up after five or six washings.

On to block four of my lollipops,

Happy stitching,
the lollipop girl


  1. Your colors just pop off the page! So lovely!

  2. I hope you donot mind I have sent the link to this page to the people in my group as only today we were talking on how well fusibles worked as we are making a baby quilt for a member of our group.

  3. Rosemary - its looking great! Kim McL

  4. Gorgeous block and what a great idea to test out the fusibles. thanks for sharing xo

  5. Jeannette, I'm glad that you forwarded the information to your group, I just love how everyone is doing things differently and sharing, it is such a wonderful way to learn. I just think everything is very helpful and I really love the pictures.

  6. Your block is so pretty! Your quilt is going to be so cheerful. :)

    Thanks for the test run on the fusibles. I wondered how they held up to washings.

  7. Pretty block! I've wondered about fusibles, but never thought to test--thanks for sharing your results!

  8. Another BEAUTIFUL and FUN block, Rosemary!!!

    THANK YOU for the fusible test!!! That is invaluable information.

    I am SEW appreciative of the wealth of knowledge and sharing that takes place here!!! ; ) Neat-o!