Monday, October 4, 2010

Roseville #1

Stick a fork in it and call it done! Certainly the Dear Jane motto
applies to this block: "Finished is better than perfect."
What a learning curve! I certainly enjoyed making this block and
am surprised at my patience in changing elements of the block as it progressed. I will certainly audition all the fabrics in Block #2
before stitching them down!
Birds? What birds??? Am I the only one who got cherries in her pattern? Well, I just had to put those Michigan cherries here for my fellow Kaffettes, Gay and Rosemary, who hail from Grand Rapids.

Kim, I don't know what that melon is either, but I realized I've had one for years in this bowl of paper mache fruit and veggies. Thank you for this delightful pattern!

I love following everyone's progress. Please keep posting your blocks. You all are an inspiration to me!

Now, I'm off to pickle a clamshell as my reward for finishing my block.

Happy stitching!


  1. Brenda your block is great! Those cherries are a perfect addition & you did a wonderful job making your melon look just like its paper mache model! Love your pineapple fabric too!

  2. Love your block Brenda!! Your fabric choices are really great, the melon too. And the cherries!
    I'm not a perfect stitcher, I like to get it sewn one way or another, my pencil marks are still visible most of the time. Glad you're enjoying your applique, I love seeing what everyone is doing with their stitching and it's mind blowing. Dying to see what you're doing next.Love cherries fruitwise too, I used to be allergic to it, breaking out into hives. Not now though, having a baby cured it! Cheers, Kim McL

  3. Hi Brenda, love your block. Your 'melon' looks suspiciously like a Paw Paw fruit, pretty sure that's what it is anyway..

  4. What a beautiful block! Great fabric choices..and I really like your Michigan cherries.
    Whatever that mystery fruit did a great job of interpreting it. :)

  5. I love the Dear Jane motto - because there is no such thing as "perfect" in quilting anyway!!
    Beautiful block!

  6. Your Fellow Kaffette absolutely loves your block, I know it will be a lot easier with every block picking out your beautiful fabrics, are you working on block two right now.:)
    You definitely are going to have to tell me which fabric you used for the vase, I don't think you could have picked a better one.

  7. That melon would be a PawPaw for sure :)

  8. Fabulous block and I love the bowl of fruit photo you sneaked in there. I think the cherries look wonderful. I love Rosemary's comment where she referred to herself as a Kaffette.

  9. WONDERFUL block, Brenda!!! I LOVE that bowl! : ) Not to mention the cherries too!?

  10. Love your gorgeous block! I think that fruit is a papaya. Michele

  11. Your block came out really nice. It was worth every minute of hard work stitching and unstitching and stitching again. I can't wait to see what you do with your second block. From one Kaffette to another - you go girl!!!