Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Very Long Border!

... and what a lot of fun! I am nearly there on the first half of the first border of Stars and Sprigs! Oh, that doesn't sound very far does it - maybe I really do need to make a Lollypop cushion for a Show and Tell variation! I really do want one! I'm thinking maybe I could become a very boring Blogger for a long time - I've set up my 'Studio' for the convenience of Glorious Applique at this point in time. I have started and am going to become very ruthless about culling my fabrics. DS, David has instructed me that I am not to store any more fabrics in the shed - hmmm, seems a nice clean space to me and it is a very big shed - there will still be plenty of room for the lawn-mower and the edge trimmer!
I am really enjoying this blog - oh, I think I have said that before! Isn't it amazing that two people can instigate so much fun and friendship for so many - a big thank you to the whole team!
I have talked about applique related subjects on my regular blog - please pop over to visit if you like
Happy week - hugs - Lurline♥


  1. I think you need to have a little chat with DS DAvid, storing fabric wherever is necessary! LOL your an artist and you need your fabric collection to make the best quilt you can!

    keep going it looks wonderful I am so happy to have that pattern now.

  2. Kim's borders just make her quilts, don't they? I am a sucker for lots of leaves, so this quilt might be in my future.
    Perhaps it's time for DS David to get his head right about priorities and hire out the yard help so you will have more room in the shed. Or a compromise: build another shed.

  3. I agree it is wonderful to have such a great place to share our work and be so inspired. Love your work, can't wait to see your completed quilt. I'm so glad that Kim keeps coming out with more beautiful patterns.

  4. Your border is so colorful and happy, a good way to start a Monday. I also am curious about that red and green quilt hanging in the background!

  5. Lurline,
    I think David needs to realize that we have our priorities and the lawn may not be at the top of the list. A Glorious Applique studio!! What could be finer?
    What is that quilt on the wall-something for Christmas?? Hmm???

  6. Your border is SO pretty! I think you're making wonderful progress.
    Tell your DS he's lucky you haven't asked him to find new homes for the mower and trimmer...yet. ;)

  7. What!! The shed is not for storing fabric? I thought that is the purpose of having a shed, not for lawn mower, may be this can go in the garage.
    Your border is looking divine - a lot of fussy cutting there, you look like you're enjoying yourself Lurline! cheers, Kim McL

  8. I think you showed that shed way back on your blog, I could be mistaken. Surely it can hold a little bit of fabric? It wouldn't take much room. The border is looking luscious, is this one replacing the repro you started with?

  9. What a wonderful border Lurline!!! How's your Mum? Uh, just make sure the stash doesn't meet the lawn mower...!? ; ) Thanks for the GA blog shout out.