Sunday, October 30, 2011

2 cornerstones

I thought my quilt needed some more balance, so I chose that the 4 corner blocks should be the same pattern.
I chose this block because it was the one who used the space as much as possible. Seen through my eyes.

Next project will squirrel panel. It's a bit of a puzzle with colors, and requires a lot of planning to get it to go up.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Here is the center block that I have just completed and I have started another. I am back on track working on the blocks. I had been choosing all of the fabrics at once for each block which was a struggle for me. I have changed my approach and am doing just the baskets/vases first, then the flowers, and when they are complete, the leaves.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Slowly progress

This is the top panel.
I thougth it would be easy to do the house, but it was not as straight forward,
 to do the long straight sides, and to get them even.

Thank you so much for all the nice and encouraging comments on my last post.
I was very happy to read them all, and it gave me the boost to stitch a thread a day.

I am so thrilled to be able to post on this blog, and to be a part of this community.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

My second Roseville Album block.

It has been a very long time since I posted my first block.
I have had many weeks of no sewing!

Now I have (almost) recovered from tennis elbow and can sew again I hope to post more blocks much more regularly! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lollypop Trees Completed!

 I was thrilled to be honored with the Best of Show and Blue Ribbon for my Lollypop Trees this weekend at the Pieceful Hearts Quilt Show in North Augusta, SC. It has taken a while to complete this quilt but I enjoyed it so much, from choosing the fabrics with my friend, Ille (who is getting close to completion) to stitching the applique and finally, the machine quilting. That was difficult, even on a longarm, but worth the effort.
 Here are some close up pictures and I have many more on my blog if you'd like to view them. It was SO fun working with all these gorgeous fabrics and the pattern by Kim McLean. Thanks, Kim, for helping us see you can take a simple antique pattern with solid fabrics and totally change the look.
 The judge mentioned the block above as one that she particularly liked on the comment sheet. I just quilted what came to mind and what seemed to work for me through the different blocks.
Okay, now I need to get my Flower Pots completed! It's been a very enjoyable journey and thanks for those who made this blog possible so we can all share these wonderful quilts with each other!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another winner Des Moines guild show 2011

Thought I would post this quilt as it was in the Des Moines guild quilt show 2011. Leigh won a 2nd place ribbon. Leigh and I both belong to the DM guild and the Applique Group. Love how she had it machine quilted using feathers and her work is very well done.

AQS Des Moines 2011

The show is over and I wasn't a winner, maybe the next show I enter. The one thing I don't like is that you do not get a critique from the judges at this show and the only show that they do give one is at the Paducah show. I'm debating about entering it in Lancaster AQS show, again I won't know what the judges have to say about it. I still have a little time to decide. I did talk to many women about my quilt, apparently there is a large following of Kaffe's fabrics lovers. I did see one older lady make a terrible face at it and couldn't move fast enough away from it, must thought it was going to jump at her. LOL. It was sent to Paducah for photography as it may be in the 2013 AQS engagement calendar.

I haven't been commenting on blogs much this summer, like many others I couldn't get it to work and gave up on it then finally took the time to figure it out.

Since I'm not working now, (job cut and I'm perfectly fine with that, it was getting in the way of my quilting, LOL) I have been sewing up a storm. Have finished sewing, embroidering and appliqueing 8 small wall quilts and 2 queen size quilts, all need quilted. My next adventure is taking a class to learn to machine quilt starting with the large ones. I prefer to hand quilt, especially my own designs but I will never live long enough to get them all done. I always hire a gal to do my machine quilting but I have too many and it does get quite costly.

Take a look at Civil War Bride blog, my friend, Karen won 2nd place at AQS DM 2011. Such a beautiful quilt, much deserving win. Since we both knew we would be in the same class in this competition I stopped working on my CWB quilt and put all my time into the Bizzy Bird Farm.

I'm working on the border of an applique quilt as the center 9 blocks are done. It has blue denim looking fabric for the background and the applique is done with medium & light blues and white/blue toile. Again different looking style for me. My Basket Medallion quilt (Kim's) is on my list to get done, soon....

Progress---sort of

Add ImageI am presently working on this block. I made the basket leaving an opening for two stems, added the stems using a light box for placement. Then realized there was a third stem, ripped a few stitches to make room, appliqued the stems, noticed the background was a bit rippled between the stems and the basket, used a bit of steam to see if the bias stems would "relax a bit,-----acckk----there were two short bits of red thread on the ironing board and the red leached onto the background, dabed a bit with water and the spots lightened a bit, then decided that the flowers would probably cover the spots. I press on.

I also added a photo of the block that I had just completed.

I saw a photo of Julee's Roseville hanging proudly at the AQS show in Des Moine. Congrats on a gorgeous rendition.

Monday, October 10, 2011

More Flowers

Kim's flower blocks from her Flower Garden pattern are so much fun to applique.

Gorgeous big flowers with beautiful leaves, I'm loving making each of these blocks, especially using Keiko Goke's amazing fabrics.

Liza has some new Keiko fabrics just arrived over at Glorious Colour, check them out here.

Cabbage Quilts xo

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I belong to a hand piecing/applique list and they're discussing doing a BOM of various Baltimore Album quilts. One person posted this link:

She said it's Kim's version of the Mary Mannakee quilt from the DAR museum. I can't find any reference to it anywhere. I was told that Kim posted it in her blog but isn't this the only blog Kim posts on? Does she have another one?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Final block


Now i see that my photo is very blurry but you get the idea. This is my 9th and final block of the lollipops. I had hoped to be sewing the border by now but life... It still has to be prepped. I desperatly hope to get to it after the weekend of oct. 15th. And by then i hope to be able to show you the layout of the center with sashings, which are all sewn, the squares that is.
Hope you all are having a bit of fun with what you are doing,

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Catching Up

I've been busy.  The autumn weather is starting here, but there are still a few flowers in my garden...

I'm sorry about the colors--I'm having to use a different camera, and apparently haven't figured it out.  These are all on Kona Snow, despite the variation. You've seen the one on the upper right before, but it was in the group, so got it's photo taken.

I've also finished a couple more Roseville Album blocks...