Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fourth Block (again)

First of all I want to say thank you for all the nice comments and advice you gave me on my fourth block. I wasn't satisfied about it, so after a week of tossing it around and around (in my mind) I decided to rip some of the parts and redo them.
This is the result, in my opinion much better!

I think it fits in much better!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Two More Lollypop Trees

I finally got back to working on my Lollypop Trees after the holidays.  I think this is the easiest applique'  I have ever done.  All the pieces are large and have gentle curves and large points.  Great quilt for  someone new to applique'. I started another project - not one of Kim's - and am finding it difficult after being spoiled by this one.
I have four of the large blocks left to do and then all the small one's.  This has been a fun quilt.

Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm quilting!

I'm merrily quilting away on the Stars and Sprigs quilt. It's going to take awhile cause I stitch fairly slow. It was a hard decision deciding what to do so without a long winded story, I made the decision to please myself.
I tried out three different things for the center of the stars which all got unpicked before I settled on this. I'm too lazy to mark anything so it's all free motion on my domestic machine with a fair bit of in the ditch thrown in to control the puff.
I'm really loving the texture,  the applique and stars have a lot of poofiness with the help of a wool batting. I'm using Superiors kimono silk thread in white. The combination makes for a softer quilt.
I'm pacing myself to avoid any aches and pains so it'll be awhile before I can show the finish.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Block Number Seven

I don't know where time has gone lately, I have not had time to work on my lollipop blocks since the holidays until this week. I have really missed the happy fabric, it was so much fun to pick up those fabrics again.

I'm really excited about the next block because I will be halfway finished, I can't wait to see all eight blocks together. I am putting them together as I go and I am just enjoying the process so much. I think it is even a lot of fun to just pick the squares that you put between them.

I will have to catch up on everyone's posts. Have a wonderful day stitching.

the lollipop girl

Completed Heart

I managed to finish the centre heart last night. I think I can say that I've overcome my fear of all those curves now! I've never appliqued shapes of this size before - or so many curves either. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the stitching. I swapped to using freezer paper templates so that I could cut away the fabrics at the back. Progress will probably slow down now as it will probably take me some time to choose which fabrics to use for the leaves and circles - I'm a fully qualified procrastinator!

Another one bites the dust

And here is the next roseville block. I have to force myself not to finish all these blocks in a row. Luckily I have other projects to work on. This was a wild block. I'm a very symetrical person and this year thanks to a new (blogging) friend (yes Ineke that's you) I've decided to step out of my box and just go crazy with all these great fabrics. In the past I would have done the fabric choices much more symetrically and maybe used just one fabric color for the thingees around the bird. But I have to admit I like this block this way. Onto the next challenge!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Another step closer to my deadline as I finished my left side panel tonight. I was able to get this panel finished so quickly this week because I fell on the ice last Wednesday and sprang my ankle, and required to miss work for 3 days (sad face) and had to keep my foot elevated, so I got lots of sewing done (happy face). I was so thankful that I cut out everything for this panel the Saturday before. I audition every fabric to get the squirrel's tail to look just right. Have lots of fussy cutting for the animals and birds.
Started working on one of the big trees on bottom panel tonight.

too much fun

Snowed in and making wee Lolly border blocks.

Number one all done!

Isn't it great when you finish something - even if it is only one block! I had a great feeling of achievement when I finished this first block. It seems like each block in this quilt is a separate mini project - works well for me.

I'm happy with the result. I chose a lighter colour brown for the trunk and branches than I had originally intended, but I wanted it to not get lost and this seems to fit the criteria. It is Moda essential dots in gold.

And since so much of my prep is already done - I am ready to attack the second block.

Looking forward to starting it, but I have a few things on the go so not quite sure when that will be. I hope this blog is around for awhile!!

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who posted comments last time. My reply function doesn't seem to work the same way as it does on my own blog so replying has been difficult. I am working on it. Please don't think I'm ignoring you, I really appreciate your kind comments. I'm also really enjoying seeing all the other versions of these quilts that are being posted. I have to say that there is nothing here that I don't like. The level of creativity is awesome.

Bye for now,


Monday, January 24, 2011


just letting you all know how much I enjoy reading about the progress being made on projects

I'm working madly on my show-n-tell for my workshop/lecture with Kaffe Fassett in February

hope to have progress to show in March, after all the excitement and I can pick up my Kim\Kaffe applique project  :)

Hearts and Flowers - a bit of progress

I've finally made a little progress on the centre panel of the Hearts and Flowers quilt. I was so excited when I began this last year but I got a bit intimidated with those squiggles. I had decided to try the back basting method and everything was going wonderfully until I came to actually do some sewing. I unpicked a few stitches and couldn't see where I should have been turning the fabric under - maybe the thread I used wasn't thick enough (I used quilting thread) or perhaps my stitches were too big, I'm not sure. Anyway, I struggled through one squiggle and then put it away for 'later' on! I've managed to overcome the problem by using my white Sewline to draw along the stitched line and over the weekend I've managed to stitch quite a bit - I enjoyed it enormously once I settled down with the white pencil method :) I thought I would post a picture of my progress so far and wanted to say how much I enjoy looking at all the beautiful and inspiring work on this blog.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fourth Block

This afternoon I finished my fourth block. As I am not quite satisfied about it, I ask for your opinion. I don't like the colour combination, the orange with the bulb below is ... I don't know. I think about doing it again (I have plenty of background fabric).

Friday, January 21, 2011

I Met My Deadline

Here is my first panel of the Flower Pots quilt. Setting a self-imposed deadline was an excellent idea; I sewed morning, noon (lunch break at work) and night. When I finally finished the last stitches this morning and stepped back to look at it, I was pleased. I still have a lot to learn but it sure is fun.
I started stitching the flowers on December 30; the stems and the pot were already done. So it took roughly 3 weeks which isn't too bad.
Most of the applique was done after front-basting by hand, which sounds like a lot of work. But I don't mind doing it, and having most of the flowers basted let me carry it around and work on it without having to run to my 3rd floor studio to pin new pieces on. I think I'll continue to to do that.
Alas........ I am slow slow slow. I just finished the squirrel at the top of this panel.

I love the color choices that so many of you make.
It's a learning process. (And it takes time.)

wool applique

These two glorious wool applique cushions were a gift from two dear friends. The appliques are wool, the background is linen, the borders are cotton patchwork.

the last one

Here is #16!! Now on to the wee ones

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This  photo is a completed half of my first Star and Sprigs border. The first one of 4 borders. I am enjoying every one of those leaves and buds.
I also included my tools. They are: Crayola washable markers of many colors. They have thin tips and wash off by leaving the fabric in cold water for about half an hour or so. I also use chalk pencils for the dark colors. My needles are size 10 and 11 straw needles. Small appliqué pins (about 1/2'' long). My trusty thumb thimble (hot pink blurb). Where I keep several needles threaded with threads of various colors plus the pins. It fits on my thumb or index finger. Not shown is a washable glue that I used on those vines. The egg cartoons are organizing the various sizes of leaves and buds. I am all for recycling. The threads are size 50 -100% cotton from Gutermann, Aurifil, and some silk threads. I am mostly using what I have on the color I need. I am left handed and good quality thread is a must. Oh! I also sometimes use "Thread heaven" which is a thread protectant and conditioner.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


How do you handle these kinds of applique pieces?  Pieces that have applique on top of applique, or applique pieces with straight edges...

I do a technique that I sort of made up.  I call it unit construction.  I assemble the applique shape, and then applique the whole piece to the background.  For instance, I did this with the big flower bowls in the long panels of Kim's Flower Pots design, and again with the birds nest and large flower in the Squirrel panel in Kim's Roseville Album design.

One more question.  What would you folks think if this blog moves over to typepad so others could join the Glorious Applique blog and share in this stitching journey...?!

Piecefully, Pam

Small Progress....

I have made a small bit of progress... here is how i started the rick rack.. sewn

then trimmed

My top today! I now have to redraft a smaller next border
and adjust the following applique to fit the size of my wall.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Finally finished with four!

I started stitching this block way last fall, but it has so many pieces, I have to admit I got discouraged--the little flowers seemed to take forever, and I know my stitching is less than great in several places. I also couldn't decide which color to make the birds.  (yes, I am an indecisive Libra)  Rather than stall the whole Roseville Album process, I started working on different blocks.

Last night I finally decided on pink wings, and thought I had it finished, but after washing the block, one of the birdy's wings was loose where I had stopped to rethread and forgotten to go back--the downside of using glue since it all looks fine until you wash it.   So I finally finished it for real this morning. Hooray!

Looking forward to a new year os applique

Hi Everyone,

Have been deprived of looking at GA for a while now, so have spent the morning going over the missed postings. Can't believe how much everyone has done! They're all gorgeous, fantastic colour combinations, all looking very scrumptious. Well done everyone! Glad that many of you are starting on new projects , I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines.

Seeing some of you are close to finishing, please please enter your quilt into a show! There is a post by Christine where she mentioned that someone wanted to enter her quilt into a show but the show organizers need a permission slip from the designer. I would love you all to enter your quilt into any show, and I'd love to hear you all get awards too. I'll be like the proud mummy hen ! I'd love you to mention me as the pattern maker and GloriousColors as the publisher of the patterns. If you still need an email from me, let me know through this blog's administrator ( that is Pam or Janet) I'll be happy to oblige.Go for it girls!

Cheers, Kim McLean

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Third flower

My third flower is finished.

Together they look like this:

Getting Ready for Flower Pots

I ordered Kim's Flower Pots pattern as soon as I finished Hearts and Flowers--I was hooked and Glorious Applique had a lot to do with that. Thank you, bloggers!
First I had to decide on colors and fabrics. I like dark backgrounds a lot and set out in that direction.
I fell in love with the Philip Jacobs Coleus Leaf in teal, posted by Gisele in September, and that led me to Coleus Leaf in turquoise which was even closer to "my" colors. I went shopping and bought most of these at my LQS, Pennington Quilt Works in Pennington NJ. Coleus Leaf is on the right.
Then I needed a background and the decision was made when I saw this green solid at Fibers in Motion when I was vacationing in Portland OR. It wasn't what I went out looking for, but my heart took over. Obviously my plan had to change. I could keep elements of Coleus Leaf but the fabric itself wasn't enough of a contrast for my background.

So I did some online ordering and pulled from my shelves and set up a card table:

Aren't they pretty?
Ready to go! I got busy, but was a bit discouraged at how long the prep takes--first I took Kim's pattern to Staples and had it reduced in size--I want a wall-hanging, rather than a bed quilt. Then plastic overlays, templates, cutting, pinning, basting etc. It seemed to take forever.

I also use Julee's method of numbering the paper pattern and the templates, and then laying the pieces on the paper before I pin them to the fabric. I decided I needed to choose fabrics for both the left and right panels before I did any sewing. I know some of you choose ALL the fabrics before sewing--there's no way I would have the patience for that.

I'm a lot happier now that I'm sewing. I am almost done with the applique for the one on the right--which is actually the left hand panel in the pattern. I work better with deadlines: I'm going to promise a photo of the finished panel by next Friday. That will keep me stitching!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Finally finished sewing on all the circles and now it's done. I have over 120 circles made so I'm ready for the left side panel as it has over 50 circles in it and there is plenty of circles to be added to the corner blocks and outer border. Actually at my small sewing group Thursday night 3 of the ladies didn't have anything to do, so guess what I had them doing for me ??? they manage to do over 75 circles, just the basting part, which helps tremendously and I truly appreciated. Thanks Mom (Deloris), Debby and Norma. Today I'm planning on cutting out the whole panel. I have already sewed on my squirrels and the cat but can't do anything else until I cut out more pieces. I put the circles on last as they work as a "fill in the area" pieces and easy to adjust placement.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The bottom panel at last

It has taken me several months to finish this bottom panel, in spite of my eagerness to get to those charming animals. There was a moment of horror a few weeks ago when I discovered I had spilled coffee on the left edge and never noticed until the stain had set. Though I tried to soak part of it, the stain was still there. Oh well, I said, just more of the quilt's history. But when I finished the panel and soaked out the glue, lo and behold, the stain had disappeared. I should vow not to drink coffee anywhere near the quilt, but that just isn't going to happen. This panel was fun to make--even those curly trees.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Squirrel panel

It has taken me (too) many months, but I took the last stitches in that top-most bird tonight!  : )  I do have ALL the circles to place and stitch yet.  All things considered, I feel pretty satisfied and wanted to share my Squirrel panel with you.

Also you will see my little jar of prepared circles.  Along with a stack of circles ready to be made.  They all have a running stitch and are waiting for a bit of starch and my iron.  Perhaps one day soon...
 Enjoy your day and the stitches you take!

Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I found this is an easy way for cutting out many templates at a time. I have numbered both pattern and paper templates and when I get done cutting one out I just pin it in place on the paper pattern. Since I use a plastic overlay I remove several cut pieces and lay them in place on background fabric and pin, now ready for needle turning applique. I'm about ready to start cutting out the left side panel and will cut out the entire panel doing it this way. This is a good way to decide if you like the fabric layout.

I thought I would give information again about doing circles. I know most of you probably already know this but I'm reading that many more are starting to learn and are using Kim's patterns. Since there are so many circles in the quilt I've decided to make lots of them at a time. I had a stack of small pieces, too big to throw away but plenty big enough to make circles out of. No fussy cutting here! I've used PERFECT CIRCLES by Kay Buckly and made several of my own using heat resistance plastic maylar. Using stronger thread such as quilting thread to gather. Stitch around the circle close to the edge. Do not knot at the end, just overlap by one stitch and leave a "tail". Pull the tail and gather it around the plastic circle.

Next I quickly press on smooth side and turn over. I use spray starch, sprayed into the cap and small paint brush. Dab the starch onto circles and hold iron on them to dry then turn back over and use iron again to dry completely. Wait until cooled and then over the beginning and end gathering stitch use your fingernail or object like very small crochet hook to loosen gathering and take it off the plastic circle. Use the tail if needed to pull back into shape. The starch will help keep its shape and easier to sew.
You can leave basting thread in or take it out, your choice. I have made 76 so far and probably have that many more to do. Hope this information will help. As soon as I get the 50+ circles on right side panel I will post.

2nd block

Hi Everyone,

Am I still on time to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a super creative 2011?
Well here's my second block, love the colors and the blue background. I'm trying to step out of the box on this one, because I'm a really symetrical person and wanted to make the flowers the same. But since this fabric is way out there, no symetry for me!

Monday, January 10, 2011


to all the beautiful people around the world that sent me their most warmest wishes. It did get a bit scary at times listening to the rush of water in the dark with no electricity it was such an erry and frightful feeling. We are still not out of the woods as we are yet to receive the water from Gympie so fingers crossed. There are so many many people worse off than me. It is just a disaster zone.

We are safe my partner is back home with me and our dogs are so happy to see him and now i have done the cleaning of all the rotten food out of the fridge and freezer and have unpacked all our possessions now all we have to do is worry about snakes oh how i hate snakes.

Now we can get back sort of to the land of the living well sort of all roads are cut off and classed as danger zones we we can't get to Brisbane or have access as the Lamington Brigde has 3 major cracks in it and there is no way for food to come in only by ship and that can take a couple of weeks there is so much constructional damage to the warf.

Maggie since you live in Hervey Bay we should meet over a Coffee. Pm me if you would like that.

I give everyone a rose for thinking or me.

Adele xx