Monday, January 3, 2011

Full House

Hi to you all, I'm just popping in to share with you that we now have ninety five contributors for this blog and there are five invitations waiting to be accepted. The blog can have one hundred contributors and so we are now full to the brim. What an amazing journey we're all sharing here. Thanks to Pam, Kim and Liza for making it a glorious place to hang out.

Cheers, Janet


  1. I just want to Thank you for letting me view what others have done!

  2. Hi Janet and Pam
    Is there any way to allow more contributors? I have been letting all the new pattern purchasers about this glorious blog. If no more can join, I need to stop spreading the word.
    Please advise. Thanks

  3. Yessssss! Thank YOU Pam, Kim, Liza and Janet:)

  4. Liza, Janet and Pam,
    Looked in the help documents for having over 100 contributors. Found only info about removing contributors. But this is not what you want.
    The alternative is starting a new blog or use another existing blog.
    If you prefer an existing blog, mine is available to add another 99 contributors. I just started two weeks ago with the first KimMcLean quilt and want to use my blog to report a lot about it.
    So feel free to offer to new Glorious Applique contributors.
    Love to meet you,

  5. All - this is an email I sent to Janet, Kim and Liza yesterday afternoon...


    What a pleasant dilemma to have!? I thought about the eventuality of this, my husband cautioned me, but I did the Scarlett O'Hara, "I'll think about that tomorrow." routine. I truly did not expect to reach 100 contributors, ever, and especially not within six months from the blogs inception.

    I did research prior to beginning the Glorious Applique blog. There are other blog servers out there. There may be some other options to consider. I will resume my reading, investigating and research before I give an opinion or answer.

    With work and life, I may not be quick with my reply, but I will be as responsive as I can be. Please be patient with me and know I am doing my homework. I would rather be thorough and make a wise decision as opposed to hasty and foolish.

    Meanwhile, I am open to suggestions, thoughts and ideas. Two heads are better than one, and together we have four!!! Thanks for sharing this amazing journey.

    ; )

    Piecefully, Pam

  6. Oh I was saddened to read that your blog was now full! Happy for you but sad for me. I am just waiting on a Kim McLean kit and pattern that I just purchased to arrive and I was looking forward to joining the blog. If you find a way to have more people join - please keep me in mind. Thanks and all of the updates are truly inspirational.