Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kim....please read

Hi Kim

Just wondering if you could email me as I have had a person trying to get in touch with you regarding permission on showing one of your quilts.

Thanks heaps


  1. I too had someone write to ask about showing their finished quilt, at a Show in Maine. One doesn't need permission, correct? They've made their own quilt using a Kim McLean design. They're not showing the original Kim McLean quilt. Credit needs to be given as, "This is a Kim McLean design, Roseville Album...." Right?

  2. Hi Everyone,
    The attachment below is the information about display and other copyright issues. It seems that when you buy a pattern you only have the right to make it, not display it. Many shows in the US now requires proof of permission to display. Some designers are posting permission on their blogs for quilts when they are giving the patterns for free. This past fall one of the magazines had articles about this. Hope this help.

  3. Sorry, I can't make it a direct link on the comment box. But he address below is more direct than the above one.

  4. Hi All
    Kim's computer is on the blink. I am certain she is OK with anyone who has made one of her patterns into a quilt, to show it. She has given permission when asked. Giving her credit as the designer is all we ask.