Saturday, January 1, 2011

My First Post!

Hello - My mom (Mary Anne) and I both love applique quilting and have been following this blog for a while. She is working on the Hearts and Flowers while I decided to try the Flower Pots. I am a novice to applique quilting but I have been cross stitching for years. I can't sew a straight line on a sewing machine to save my life but I love hand sewing.

I used a variety of "brights" for this pattern, including quite a few Fassett fabrics mom gave me from her stash. ( Thanks mom!) I deviated a bit by embroidering a stem stitch for the stems on top of the flowers which have them. I felt it gave the top stems a more delicate look.

I am still struggling with fussy cutting and spend way too much time trying out different combinations but I sure do love these Kim McLean patterns!

By the way, I don't take credit for the blue and red flower on the right. Buddy, my black lab, watched me digging through my fabric tote and thought it was a game. I wasn't having much luck picking out combinations and I sat back, flung up my hands and said "I give up!" Buddy reached down with his teeth and pulled out the blue and brought to me. I made a pile of fabrics that sorta matched and made him pick out a couple more pieces and this flower combination was the result. Unfortunatly he got bored with the "game" and has retired from fabric selecting.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your wonderful blocks!

Liz Anne


  1. What a smart dog! He chose 2 great fabrics. Too bad he got bored so quickly.
    Your colors go together so well-Kaffe and non-Kaffe.

  2. Welcome! I am going to have to have a chat with our golden retriever--she needs to start helping me instead of just laying around watching. No more "free" treats for her! Buddy sure helped you make a lovely block!

  3. Good choices, both of you....Keep up the good work and welcome to the group.

  4. Welcome to our Group..Your off to a Great Start your Block looks Fab...

  5. Could you send Buddy over to Holland for a while?
    Maybe he could help me with my fabric choices!
    Great job, how fun it must be to work on this great project with your Mom and to be able to raid her stash!

  6. Liz, your block really stands out - I'm so proud of you! You've started the New Year out sew beautifully! Much Love, Mom

  7. Your block is absolutely beautiful, welcome to our group and it must be extra special being able to share the journey with your mother.

  8. Your panel is beautiful! Great fabric choices. What fun it must be to share the applque journey with your Mom?

    I sure got a kick out of Buddy helping you. What a good boy to help out when he saw you were getting frustrated. You make a great team! :)

  9. Welcome, Liz Anne! The dog story made me laugh--anything that works! I'm really happy to see someone else doing Flower Pots--and my first one uses the same Kaffe fabric in a different orientation. I'll post it soon. You're intrepid to start your applique journey with this pattern--I'm impressed.

  10. Welcome, Liz Anne!!! What FUN for you, your Mom and Buddy to share your stitching adventures here with all of us!!! : ) Thanks to each of you.

    Your Flower Pots panels is looking REALLY terrific. Especially if this is your first?! Excellent. I can't wait to see more!!!