Monday, January 17, 2011

Looking forward to a new year os applique

Hi Everyone,

Have been deprived of looking at GA for a while now, so have spent the morning going over the missed postings. Can't believe how much everyone has done! They're all gorgeous, fantastic colour combinations, all looking very scrumptious. Well done everyone! Glad that many of you are starting on new projects , I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines.

Seeing some of you are close to finishing, please please enter your quilt into a show! There is a post by Christine where she mentioned that someone wanted to enter her quilt into a show but the show organizers need a permission slip from the designer. I would love you all to enter your quilt into any show, and I'd love to hear you all get awards too. I'll be like the proud mummy hen ! I'd love you to mention me as the pattern maker and GloriousColors as the publisher of the patterns. If you still need an email from me, let me know through this blog's administrator ( that is Pam or Janet) I'll be happy to oblige.Go for it girls!

Cheers, Kim McLean


  1. Glad you are back Kim! While I just hope to actually finish someday, I'd love to see all the other lovely blocks sewn up into quilts and on display--how fabulous that would be! And while I am fantasizing about finishing, Kim, would you mind telling us a little about how you quilted your Roseville? I think I see little swirls but on my computer, it's not real clear.

  2. Welcome back...we missed you!

    I was wondering about the quilting on your Roseville too, Kim. I've been pondering how I'll quilt mine. :)

  3. Welcome back! Thanks for your permission on entering our quilts. I have already gotten an email from Glorious Color saying its okay to enter it. This is why I gave myself a deadline of May 20, entry deadline for AQS Des Moines. I'm planning on hand quilting RA, and thinking of outlining and echoing stitching. Yes, I would like to know what you did on yours as I couldn't tell.

  4. I had the quilt commercially machine quilted, and I can't remember how it was quilted. I think Kay did outline quilting on the shapes then fill up the empty spaces. I'm afraid I can't look at it because it is still in the US with the IQA. They are taking the Baltimore quilts to their spring show in Cincinatti, I don't know if you're around the area then? The Baltimore exhibition is also going to the Quilt show in the Netherlands in May. This quilt is doing a lot more travelling than me!
    Hope you get an award Julee at the AQS Des Moines. Tell us all about it! Cheers, Kim McL

  5. YES!!!!!!!
    I can't believe what i just read : the Baltimore quilts are going to the Netherlands???
    Please say you do mean Veldhoven from 5-8 may?
    YES!!!YES!!!YES!!! (i hope i'm right)

  6. So...SEW glad to hear from you Kim! Been worried about you with all the flooding. Thanks for posting, and telling us more about your RA quilt. Take care, and welcome back!

  7. Yes Francoise, I think that is the place. I had to send in something to IQA agreeing that it can travel to the Netherlands in May. May be it is in the IQA website? I haven't checked yet.
    The flooding was 60kms north to where I was, we had rain for a month, which was nothing really. Kim McL

  8. I outline quilted round all the applique shapes and used a double and triple swirl teardrop background filler.Some of the applique shapes have detail quilted into them also.
    kayf Quilts on Q