Monday, January 10, 2011


to all the beautiful people around the world that sent me their most warmest wishes. It did get a bit scary at times listening to the rush of water in the dark with no electricity it was such an erry and frightful feeling. We are still not out of the woods as we are yet to receive the water from Gympie so fingers crossed. There are so many many people worse off than me. It is just a disaster zone.

We are safe my partner is back home with me and our dogs are so happy to see him and now i have done the cleaning of all the rotten food out of the fridge and freezer and have unpacked all our possessions now all we have to do is worry about snakes oh how i hate snakes.

Now we can get back sort of to the land of the living well sort of all roads are cut off and classed as danger zones we we can't get to Brisbane or have access as the Lamington Brigde has 3 major cracks in it and there is no way for food to come in only by ship and that can take a couple of weeks there is so much constructional damage to the warf.

Maggie since you live in Hervey Bay we should meet over a Coffee. Pm me if you would like that.

I give everyone a rose for thinking or me.

Adele xx


  1. I was thinking of you all day Adele after the disater of last night in Toowoomba. Much sadness in Australia today at the lives lost. So glad to hear you're safe even though there are difficulties.

  2. Adele please keep us posted as to how things are - I'm glad you are all OK and things are improving slightly, and hope it stays that way.

  3. Glad you are surviving the flood. I will keep our 6"+ of snow, and still snowing any day over all the rain. Iowa has had its share of flooding over the years and I know its hard to deal with. Hang in there and keep your faith.

  4. Just a note to let you know we're thinking about you on the other side of the globe. God bless all of you. May this ordeal soon be over for you and all who are affected by this flood.
    big Texas hugs,

  5. Snakes...oh my! I don't like them either.
    I hope things turn around quickly there. It's so scary not having electric or being able to travel the roads and not knowing if food and water will be available.
    Hang in there Adele! :)

  6. We are continuing to pray and send + juju, Adele! Here, along the East Coast in the U.S., we are in the middle of a Wintery blizzard. Mother Nature is a fickle beast. Please be safe and be comforted by our well wishes for ALL Down Under!!!

  7. SO glad to hear you are hanging in there and keeping your spirits. It will pass. I had some rough encounter with mother nature a few years back; and I can tell you it will pass as long as you are all safe. Will keep thinking of you and all the Queenslanders.