Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2nd block

Hi Everyone,

Am I still on time to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a super creative 2011?
Well here's my second block, love the colors and the blue background. I'm trying to step out of the box on this one, because I'm a really symetrical person and wanted to make the flowers the same. But since this fabric is way out there, no symetry for me!


  1. I'm still amazed at your cross stitch, it's providing lots of interesting texture. The colours are delicious and I like the asymmetry.

  2. love your block, what a great interpretation of it. Is this hand stitched or machine? Hard to tell......can't wait to see more

  3. Your colors are lovely--they seem to have a sparkly glow about them which the cross-stitch enhances beautifully.

  4. Lorene,
    I love the texture that your cross stitch provides! Do you use a varigated floss?


  5. I really like your color choices and beautiful stitching.

  6. Amazing was the first word that came to my mind too. Positively unique and oh SEW stunning. I LOVE that you are coming out of the box here. ; )

    A VERY happy and creative 2011 to you too!

  7. Love, love, love your block! You've taken my favorite color to a new high. It's all the better because it isn't symmetrical. And the bird is wonderful.

  8. For judye,

    I use DMC 3820 I think, a blue not varigated floss.
    Love the way it shines and it's super easy to cross stitch with.