Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year to you all!
Can anyone please tell me does 'Glue Stick' cause
any damage to sewing machines.
My old machine died before Christmas and I'm waiting
on a new machine end of January ..... Starting Kim Mcleans
Lollypop quilt can't wait.


  1. Not that I'm aware of, other then it can 'gum up' the needle. In the past, when I've used a glue stick, I would use the glue to keep the applique shape in position as I sewed. So, I would apply the stick to the center of the applique shape as opposed to the edges. Hope your new machine gets there soon!!!

  2. I use Roxanne's Glue, it disappears with water, doesn't hurt a thing. I take it you are going to machine applique your RA? I wouldn't want to sew thru any glue with my machine, but that's me.....Happy Sewing

  3. Agree. The glue is not good for the machine. Use the glue stick in the middle.