Sunday, October 30, 2011

2 cornerstones

I thought my quilt needed some more balance, so I chose that the 4 corner blocks should be the same pattern.
I chose this block because it was the one who used the space as much as possible. Seen through my eyes.

Next project will squirrel panel. It's a bit of a puzzle with colors, and requires a lot of planning to get it to go up.


  1. Wonderful idea, beautiful blocks and it will surely give the quilt more balance!

  2. Very very beautiful! Such patience you have for such intricate work!

  3. Well done Camilla! Good idea with using the same block in the corners! I'm not a balanced type! I usually like to do different things, it must be my short attention span! Kim McL

  4. Your blocks look great! That is what I did with my quilt and I used the same block in all 4 corners. I spilled coffee on them so after I washed them (and ended up cutting out 4 more as there was some stains), used one of them as my label. You could use one of the other corner blocks as your label. I like to make my quilts a little different from the original.