Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I'm back from the Des Moines AQS show with some show and tell.

Thought you would enjoy seeing another quilt from Kim's pattern, Pot of Flowers. This lady, Leigh and I both belong to the same applique group and the Des Moines guild. She won 3rd place at the Des Moines Guild show. For those that can't come to the show there are 2 quilt shows, AQS and Des Moines Guild, they say there are around 1000 quilts from both shows and special exhibits and 200+ ??? vendors.

I found 13 pieces to use in my 2 quilts. Also found this neat white dot fabric, which I finished the bolt out with 8 yards. I think it will make a beautiful background for another quilt that is in my head, where it has to stay for awhile because I don't have time to start another project.....

Showing my progress on block 7 and you can also see that I have another block partly cut out.


  1. I love how your blocks come together. I haven't mastered the art of using black and white yet - you have. . .

  2. I miei complimenti alla signora che ha vinto il terzo posto!
    Non riesco a immaginare il quilt che ha vinto il primo....
    Belli tutte le stoffe che hai preso, quella bianca a puntini mi piace particolarmente...

  3. thank you for posting the quilt pic. The quilting is gorgeous on it!

    You got some nice fabrics. I really like that white with the dot for a background.

    You're off to a great start on block #7. :)

  4. I love the black and white "bubble" fabric. Your use of black fabric with different colored dots for stems is really nice. It's going to be a fabulous quilt.

    The quilt from the show is gorgeous! Lovely quilting, too!

  5. Wow just wow. I hope one day that I will get the hang of quilting.

  6. Thanks, Julee, for sharing Leigh's quilt with us! Definitely gorgeous...both the fabric choices and the quilting! I love the aqua blues in it giving me more food for thought. And you're making great progress on your blocks with that gorgeous background fabric. That will be wonderful to see all together.

  7. Mmmmm... : D Thanks for sharing, Julee!!!

  8. Julee,
    Your color choices are on the money!! WooHoo! I love, love those fabrics you picked up. They are just so happy!

  9. Thanks Julee for posting Leigh's quilt, it is stunning. Lovely fabrics! Kim McL