Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hi everyone, my name is Sharon and I live in North Queensland Australia.

I ordered the Lollypop Tree pattern and a starter pack of Kaffe's fabrics yesterday - just have to wait for them to arrive from America now.... tapping fingers....

I have been reading through this blog and have found the beautiful work to be very inspiring. I will be using this method for applique - using iron-on wash-away stabiliser. Does anyone else use this method?

Most of my hand sewing has been paper-piecing - hexagons etc. I am jumping into the deep end with this applique as up until now I have only done a few small projects.

Can't wait to get started and join you all in these wonderful projects.



  1. Hello Sharon

    Welcome to this wonderful colourful group of people.

    Where abouts are you from in Queensland i live in Hervey Bay.

    You will love your parcel when you get it, I got the pattern and kit for the Roseville and i still marvel at the box of glorious fabric. I too am a handpiecer you could say that my sewing machine and i aren't the best of friends.

    Adele in Oz

  2. Thanks Adele, I can hardly wait to get started. My biggest dilemma is what method to use.

    I'm in Townsville where it is starting to get very hot and sticky.

  3. Hi Sharon,
    this is a great group to be a part of.
    Are you making the Joseph's Coat quilt too. Plenty to keep your hands busy! LOL. Looking forward to seeing your blocks once you get your goodies.
    Kerry In Melbourne.

  4. Hello Sharon. You're in for a wonderful adventure! I hope your parcel arrives quickly so you can jump in and play. :)

  5. God speed to the post, Sharon! ; ) We will be delighted to share in your applique journey!!!

  6. Hi Sharon! Welcome! Your fabrics will be there before you know it and you'll caught in the magic we all have been. Take your time now to enjoy things like cleaning and cooking--there'll be no time for that once your package arrives. ;) I think Janet (Quiltsalott) is using a washaway fusible on her Sprigs and Stars--you might find more info on her blog.

  7. Hi, Sharon. Fully understand your excitement and your impatience. A dangerous combination for quilters. So -- I'm curious about the next step after you have glued down the edges. Machine applique or hand? I'm a typical freezer paper appliquer (a needle turn wannabe) and these look like beautiful tight pieces if you take your time. So -- now what? Thanks, Jan

  8. Sharon welcome to a nice group. Lots of ideas and advice to get us through our sewing!

  9. Thanks for the friendly welcome everyone.

    Kerry, I'm not doing the Joseph's Coat quilt - was very tempted though. I just love that blog.

    Jan, I will use hand applique to secure the pieces.

  10. Welcome aboard, glad you joined the party.

  11. Hey Sharon, well done, love to see your Lollypop trees soon! You're going to have so much fun doing that quilt. Post often and let us all drool over it. Cheers, Kim McL