Sunday, October 31, 2010

Difficult Decision

I am so happy that I have RA,PF,LT ( and TFS ( It was not an easy decision which one will I make first. I love all of them. Finally I choose to start with The Sarah Evans Quilt (thank kim for the information).

Most of the fabrics are Kaffe Fasset, I will add the fabrics along with the process. I need to order them from gloriouscolor, because Kaffe fasset collections at local quilt shops are very limited.
I scan the pattern, enlarge them, and print directly on freezer paper. After write down the number and cut out the pattern, I iron them onto the right side of fabrics, and trace them around. Choosing the fabrics is another big issue. Maybe it is not the right process, but i choose fabric for one piece of the pattern and then do applique instead of choose and cut for all the pieces of the pattern. I do front basting and needle turn method. I could not stop....

Here is my first block. It took me one day to complete it. For the stems I use clover quick bias. My buddy insisted me to take a picture of him with the block:)
I cannot wait to continue with another block and another pattern. My sewing machine is kaput right now, another reason not to continue with another projects..


  1. Welcome to the group and enjoy your stay. I too have the Sarah Evans pattern somewhere, but im really quite attached to the Roseville Album quilt and i can't put the darn blocks down. It's 1.00am Monday morning in Australia and i can't sleep so im up appliquing.

    Pretty near impossible to applique when you have a little shitzu lying on his back across your lap :)

    Adele in Oz

  2. This is great information - I didn't know you could print directly onto freezer information.

    Everyone is so helpful and the work and colour is delightful. I must start my quilt soon.

  3. oops

    I got so excited to comment - I meant to say I didn't know you could print directly onto freezer "paper".

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous block that is, I love the spots background. I'm glad you're tackling this quilt in Kaffe's, have been dying to see this version.
    Your quilt buddy is a real cutie too! Kim McL

  5. This is a lovely quilt, love your first block. xo

  6. Adele: So do i, i go to bed almost at 1 am everyday, this kind of hobby really like addict. My buddy is a lovely boy, he allows me to do what I want, but every time i am finish, i must take a picture of him with it.
    Jaybee, Yes u can, for me it reduce my work, i mean i dont have to trace them several time and it is more accurate. I buy reynolds freezer paper from supermarket, and i cut into A4 paper size. I hope i can see yours soon
    Kim: So do i, i am happy to see them and i wish i can complete it as soon as possible. My resolution is one big block a day and 2 small blocks a day. Choosing fabric is not easy. I make the background as feature color, and try to figure them out from it. Even though the kaffe fasset in my local quilt shop is limited, they run out of stock. Today I just bought 3 more greenish colour, so i can start to make another big block. I have not decide wether i will make the bird or the other option..I plan to make another version using japanese fabric..thank for your buddy send his greeting to you, he is my color consultant:)
    cathy: thank a lot

  7. Your first block is so pretty! I love the fussy cuts..and the dot background is fun. I look forward to seeing your next block.
    Tell your helper he did a good job of holding the block for the pic. :)

  8. Maybe that's why I am so slow--I don't have a color consultant or anyone to hold up my block when it's finished! (What a great smile on your helper too!) Thanks for sharing your technique--I'll have to try the printing on freezer paper when I get a new scanner (mine is old as the hills and no longer software compatible--like me!) Your block looks great!

  9. How gorgeous?! Your inspiration, your choices, your colors, your block and your helper!!! : ) Thanks for sharing!!! Your freezer paper method is a nice tip too. ; )