Thursday, October 21, 2010

Creating a custom GA blog button/widget.

Hello.  Please bear with me as I attempt to create a custom button for our GA blog.  As a non-geek without technical help (Matt - are you reading this...?!?!  Send HELP quick!!!) I am trying to 'crack the code' and make this thing work.  For now, please disregard the icon/button above the list of contributors.  If I clear or remove it, all the html text, etc. will be lost. Thank you for your tolerance and patience!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  I'm not upset with this, just challenged and intrigued!  ; )  And, I have managed bits of time for some sewing this week too...


  1. please don't get too upset about all this. We are a patient bunch of people. Besides, it's not as if we don't know what to do!

  2. Pam - your stitching and colors are beautiful

  3. I wouldn't know where to begin to create a custom button! I don't know how to add one to site either. This computer stuff is so hard.

    Your quilt is looking wonderful..I'm so glad you've had some time to take a few stitches. :)

  4. I take my hat off to you for even attempting to add a button. Be sure, I'll use it.