Monday, October 11, 2010

As I did not like the progress on the RA block that I was working on and do not like the Lollypop block in progress, I practiced avoidance and started on a border.

I "over excelled" in the use of the glue, however. Rather than dots, I did lines, pressed hard to maintain the cures. Of course, this expressed the glue through the fab onto the pattern. When I pulled it off, some of the pattern lines came on the back of the border fab. Yikes.

This won't be a problem-----I think as it will not show through the stems and should come off with a soak . Another, Live and Learn experience.


  1. I've never tried glue..doesn't it make it hard to stitch?
    Maybe you could get some clear plastic to lay between the pattern and the fabric for the rest of border?

  2. Oh Mary I did the same with the glue when i first started i was over zealous with the glue when i was in an applique class i remember my teacher saying Adele it isn't wood work go easy on the glue so now i know that little dots work best.

    Adele in Oz

  3. Count me in there with you, Mary and Adele! I did the same thing. I used dots that turned out to be 'small globs.' Needless to say, I couldn't stitch through the glue, so I had to wet it. That's the last time I tried it. Since I hardly get anything finished, I didn't know when it would get washed
    I'm also pretty good at the avoidance thing...
    Try and stitch a little today!

  4. That avoidance thing? I do that with the ironing! Not to worry Mary, keep at that applique and post your blocks / fabric choices you'll soon get into the swing of it again. Kim McL

  5. Mary, I use the glue tip adapters from Sharon Schamber, and Elmer's School glue. It is a DREAM to glue baste and not fuss with pins. Nothing takes the place of experience. Keep on trying and don't give up...or avoid...?! ; )