Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lollipop Block Number Two

Every time I sit down to pick out my fabrics, it is just amazing how much fun it is. Love the bright colors of the happy, happy Kaffe fabrics.

Thrilled that the second block is finished, do have a really cute story to tell. This block has 35 circles, when my three year old grandson was playing here last week, I decided to work with some of the circles while he ate lunch. He watched me intensely for a couple of minutes and then said to me," Nana, are you making basketballs ". No basketballs here, just lollipops.

Two blocks are finished now, can't wait to start on the third. I have decided that I'm going to add the squares around the blocks before I start on the third block.

Thank you all for so much inspiration, keep on sharing because I love seeing your photographs and hearing all about your work.

Happy stitching,
the lollipop girl


  1. Your blocks are so cheerful Rosemary!
    I think adding the squares as you go is a great idea. :)

  2. Looking through your blog, you seem very bold with the fabrics you use. Something I would be scared of with applique. But they look beautiful.Thanks for showing.

  3. : ) Lovely yummy Lollipops, Rosemary!!!

    I pieced the sashing for my Flower Pots quilt as I appliqued the blocks, and I used strip piecing. I did NOT want to cut out 412, 2/1/2" square blocks... I have a tutorial about this on my blog, if you're interested?! ; )

  4. Rosemary's blog? I'm looking, but I don't see one...?! Please, help...?! ; ) Thank you!

  5. I don't have a blog, I think it was a typo and she meant to say block instead of blog :)

  6. Very pretty block, the green leaves is a fovorite fabric. This is going to be gorgeous.

  7. Gorgeous blocks Rosemary, love the 'basketballs'!!!! xo

  8. Your Lollipops are Fabulous..Love you fabrics.