Monday, October 18, 2010


One more block finished and the last center block is cut out and ready to start. Decided to do the right side panel first and have the plastic overlay drawn.
I have put all of my KF & PJ fabrics into 2 categories, one geometric and the other in florals. I find it easier to put together the fabrics for blocks as I like to use equal parts of each. In the large side panel I'm thinking of doing all the birds in the geometric fabrics. Just need to cut some of it out and I will know if I like it that way.


  1. Excellent Work.

    Looking gorgeous as always.

    Adele in Oz

    PS: Have finished my block with the Hydranga background fabric but alas now have lost the battery to the camera so im nearly finished my 2nd block.

  2. Love the fabric use for the top and bottom of the basket.

  3. Julee, your blocks are so wonderful. I am patiently waiting to see all 9 center blocks together- they will be awesome!
    My husband is certain you have an art background, do you? He is in love with your blocks!
    Happy stitching!
    Brenda, pluggin' along on #2

  4. Thanks everyone for the kind comments.
    I don't have an art background but always like to draw and sketch. I do just what I like and what is pleasing to my eyes. My favorite part is picking out the fabrics. I have designed several quilts and have 2 that I've started and one that is in my head with a few quick sketches, but got side tracked by the Roseville Album. ;>) This is my first adventure at these bright fabrics, otherwise I have done Civil War reproductions and many different fabric collections over the years. Been quilting since 1975, started when I was very, very young, LOL. Usually hand sew every night.
    I will keep going at this quilt as I want to finish with hand quilting and do competetion.

  5. Great idea putting your fabrics into two categories, I like that! Gorgeous block your background is making the colours dance.

  6. beautiful block,l love your fabric choices. I think this is my favorite block I have done so far.

  7. I just love your fabric choices, especially for the flower pot.

  8. Another GORGEOUS block, Julee!!! We NEED to SEE all your blocks together!!! I especially love this flower basket - the fabrics you used and the way you used them is striking. And, I like how that green flower POPS. : )

  9. The basket handles are just outstanding - what a great idea! Beautiful use of fabrics, especially the basket.

  10. Another very striking block Julee! I love that green flower in the center especially.
    I'm looking forward to seeing all 9 center blocks together too. :)

  11. I also cannot wait to see all your blocks together, your quilt is this going to be dancing, your background and fabric choices are wonderful.
    I wonder if everyone saves the side panels for last.

  12. Julee, I've seen your 9 blocks - truly amazing!! Kim McL