Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hearts and Flowers Finished!

I finally put the last border on my Hearts and Flowers quilt.  This has been a rather fast journey.  I started this quilt on August the 28th and completed the top yesterday October the 8th.
The quilting will be another story since I don't seem to get that done too quickly.  I think the piecing is my favorite part.

I am debating with myself now-- trying to decide-- if I should take the border on the right off and turn  it around.
I didn't notice  how different it looks until I saw it in the picture.

My next project will be Lollypops.  I have started on block one .  
The pieces are so much larger than they were in this quilt.


  1. Its beautiful a job well done!!!
    I would take it off if its bothering you now.
    thats always the sign for me change it so you don't regret it later on...

  2. Wauw, wunderful. Can you tell me where I can by the pattern. I can't find it on the web.

  3. It's dazzling--congratulations! Please tell us what technique you used. I hope not hand applique or I will feel like a sloth. It's a gorgeous quilt; have fun quilting it.

  4. Nancy, rather than regret it after the quilting I would change it now.
    My camera is my favourite quilting tool.
    Your quilt is beautiful and will be waiting to see it quilted. Brilliant

  5. The pattern is in Quilt Romance one of Kaffe Fassett's books and yes, I did do needle turn applique'.
    Thanks for all your nice compliments. I think I will turn the border I know it will always bother me if I don't.

  6. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous!
    About changing around the border..I guess I'd ask how you intend to use the quilt? If it will be hung on a wall it might bother you..but on a bed you'll never notice any difference in the way the print lays.

  7. Oh I love it, I intend on doing this after I purchased the Quilt Romance Book, but I am having trouble getting the pattern pieces increased by 200% lol, great job, I like it with or without the border.

  8. Better now before you start quilting, it won't take you long to sew it back on.
    Love the quilt well done


  9. Well done Nancy, that is one stunning quilt!! I love it. Yes, you did it pretty fast didn't you - must have enjoyed making it. What are you doing next? congratulations on completion!! Cheers, Kim McL

  10. Beautiful regard to your border, if it's bothering you - change it. It will be a thorn in your side forever if you don't.
    Happy sewing

  11. Waow, your quilt looks amazing!!!
    I'm not as fast as you are with my H&F quilt;))) but I'm also busy with the Lollypop Trees.
    What next???

  12. Amazing! What's next? ;-) Lollys? Stars and Springs? Roseville? Oh the wonderful choices!

  13. Wow, Thanks for all the nice compliments. It always makes you feel good when someone says something nice about your work. My next quilt is Lollypop Trees which I have already started. I have Flower Pots in line and would like to do Roseville but it really scares me. Then there's Stars and Sprigs which I also love...remember I said I was addicted. I need to find a KM anonymous group to attend.

  14. Excuse me?! You started it when? It's fantastic, and as someone up-thread did you do it..machine or hand?

  15. Really beautiful! I can' believe you were able to finish it so quickly! Hope the quilting goes as quickly for you!

  16. your work is beautiful, now you can start your lollipop quilt , I think all of the quilts are such happy quilts. Definitely makes me not want to work on anything else.

  17. Wonderful quilt, Nancy!!! Hmmm. If the border bothers you fix it, but I had to look a second time to see what you meant. I happen to like/prefer those quirky little things in a quilt. But, that's me. ; )