Saturday, August 7, 2010


Dear Janet - how could I ever doubt you - no I didn't really!!!

I started from scratch again and look at this! First I made sure I used the right Floriani product, traced onto it - turned and glued the edges with a Sewline glue stick - then blind stitched. Laundered in hand-wash, soaked for say 20 mins and hung on the line to dry. Made a little snip on the background behind the leaf, used my little dolly forceps to gently ease out the fusible webbing!

Oh, you are a Clever Little Duck, Janet - thank you - one of the nicest little girls on earth! Maybe one day I will do a more explicit tutorial for Dumbos like me!

Hugs - Lurline♥


  1. Good for you Lurline! Just make sure to reverse the pattern pieces when they're not symmetrical. I think the cool iron is the key.

  2. Mmmhmmm. Thanks for this bit of informations, ladies. It's always helpful to know/learn more than one way to achieve the result you desire.

  3. That looks like great stuff. Thanks for sharing! Hope you are doing well!