Sunday, August 15, 2010

Which block first

I am finding it interesting to see which block people choose to do first. Clearly, the lower right corner seems to be the most common choice. One of my employees is doing the "squirrel" panel on the left. She may only do that panel since she is doing it in wool and wants to hang it on a wall.
I think if I were to start this quilt (only 3 more Lollys to go first) I would choose either the center block or the house. I dont know why.


  1. Ha ha, the only reason I chose the lower right was because it appears to be the only one without bias...I haven't got around to making up my bias yet!!! Would love to see more of your Lolly's Liza. The squirrel panel in wool would look fabulous I imagine.

  2. I'd like to think I'd choose the lower border with the trees and animals but truthfully I think it would be the block Mary just started.
    I'd love to see the wool,version and more lollys as well.

  3. I often times choose to begin with the block the viewer will look at last...aka the lower right block. I will usually stitch the upper left block last. That is where the eye goes first when viewing a quilt. I want that top left block to be the BEST. By then my skill should have improved! ; )

  4. I did the second block, last row - I think because it was sitting on top of the pile! Kim McL