Sunday, August 1, 2010

I have been working away on my 3rd block and have to say spent the past 2 days deciding on the width of the center stem and my leaves!
I have cut out twice as many as I needed and just keep auditioning them! OK CRAZY RIGHT!
just chose them and move on is what I have been telling my self this morning. This block could be done in the next day if I just could get over choosing the right leaves....
I made the center stem 1/2" rather then the 1/4" the pattern called for, just thought it needed a bit more substance. or does it??? now I think I will change the bottom part of that big flower to the bright green star fabric in the leaf on the right...
see, is this an obsession or what???? when do you say ENOUGH and just go with what you have...
any suggestions?

ps Liza see the orange leaf???


  1. How fast you are working, Kathie!? Amazing. Beautiful. : ) Can you just 'go with your gut' when it comes to colors...?

  2. Another great block Kathie. Choosing fabric is the hardest part for me. Your color is gorgeous so far - happy stitching - Hugs Nat

  3. I think choosing colours and fabrics will be the hardest part for me when I start this quilt.
    You are doing a wonderful job, Kathie. Don't doubt yourself.

  4. The orange leaf is fabulous! LOL. I am not crazy for the fat stem, though, I love that Kim's BA is chubby but I think the chubby stem makes it look too important.
    My 4 cents. (everything is going up)

  5. I can relate to the agonizing over fabric selections! I think that's really the hardest part of doing the design? Just lay the pieces out and stand back..or take a pic? Then rearrange and repeat. Getting a little distance helps get a better perspective? :)
    I don't think the main stem "needs" to be wider..but it doesn't look wrong to me either? Do what your heart tells you..and it will be right!

  6. Gee, I'm glad you went first! You seem to be really getting "with it!" I see a pink leaf as well as the orange one. I am starting my first block today. Michele

  7. It is looking good Kathie, I also like to audition with a picture, sometimes seeing it on the computer makes me see things I do not in the sewing room. Another test I like to do is hang it in my house where it will hang. I have a quilt wall in my living room that I tend to rotate quilts on, sometimes I will pin a block on top of the current quilt hanging just to see what it looks like in the light of my living room and then I will notice if a certain fabric is just getting lost or if I need more contrast.
    I like that sweet little pink leaf with the flower.

    Happy Stitching,


  8. I would stick with the same size stem too, you need some negative space and it will stick out. The colours are looking great.

  9. Loooking great Kathie, love the fabrics you've chosen! yes that orange is really cool. Don't think you need any changing , remember that there are still a few more blocks that you can play around with. That was fast Kathie!! Keep stitching, we're all agog. Cheers, Kim McLean

  10. As one who keeps changing things with my Aunt Millie, I can't say you are crazy LOL. The block looks lovely, though I too think the stem is a little big but hey, it's your quilt and you need to do what makes YOU happy :0)


  11. Kathie your quilt is coming on beautiful, I have been stitching on my Kmcl and so glad I got it out of the box to make some progress and once I am in the swing of doing applique again I will make a start on this quilt.