Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Happy Ending!

It is so lovely to be on another ' Kim Journey'. This little treasure below is part of All Brights - a long story, but a lovely one. Many years ago I had these orphan blocks - Christine was doing the same quilt. I thought I'd never finish mine, so I gave them to her - too pretty to sit in a cupboard for years.
Not too long after, Christine showed this quilt on her blog and I thought - oh, my goodness, how beautiful - it made me a little sad I had given the blocks away, but I was so happy Christine had made good use of them!
A very short time later the mailman arrived at the door with this parcel - tears ran down my face as I opened it and I had to breath deep. I decided to knit an edge for it and not surprisingly I have called the quilt 'True Friendship'. Dear Mum, nearly 92, now cuddles up under it in this cold weather . Thanks, Christine - thanks, Kim!
Another journey started - the very first block of Stars & Sprigs. I'm keeping Janet of Quiltslott company - now that's a hard act to follow, lol! Oh, to be in such company. I have chosen to make this one in reproduction fabrics with a vintage white background and French General fabric for the background to the stars.

Thanks to Pam for giving this opportunity to share Kim's work - I've just got a feeling there will be lots of others to join us!
Happy weekend!
Hugs - Lurline♥


  1. Oh my gosh, you're all tempting me.........!!! :o)

  2. What a great friend you have. The quilt is lovely and I love the knitted edge. super.

  3. Your very welcome, I thank you too for our friendship.


  4. What a lovely thing to do!! The knitted edge is beautiful!! Oooo lucky you to get to work on the Stars and Sprigs!!


  5. This is my first visit to your blog and I am a beginner as far as applique is concerned. I do love to do it but have way room for improvement!!

  6. Lovely story Lurline! Glad your Mum is happy under it!
    Are you starting the Stars Sprigs quilt for your guild raffle? looks great - how many people in the guild are doing this raffle quilt?
    For everyone else, this quilt will be released by Liza at her website soon,
    Lurline asked me if her guild in Western Australia can do this quilt - can't remember which charity they are doing it for, but I'm sure they'll be very happy with the result. Well done Lurline!Cheers, Kim McLean

  7. oh Lurline the quilt is just beautiful and Christine did such an amazing job on it, sooo nice of her.
    I can't wait for the Stars and Sprigs to come out
    nothing better than pieced stars and applique, the border of this quilt is just so beautiful

  8. What an amazing story, Lurline. ; ) Isn't quilting a joyous journey...?! How lovely! Have fun with those Stars and Sprigs!!!

  9. I love the finished quilt..and the knitted edge is gorgeous! The red brings out the reds in the blocks. I wouldn't have thought to do're brilliant! :)

  10. LOL..I got so dazzled by the quilt I forgot to mention the Stars and Sprigs. I love what you have chosen for the starting fabrics. It will be fun to watch your progress on this quilt. :)