Friday, July 30, 2010

Yea! Package has Arrived!

Hi all,
My package from Glorious Color has arrived. This is only a portion of the fabric you receive in their starter pack, there are 3 more folds of fabric in each of the ones showing. Because Kaffe Fassett is so outside the box for me I am sticking rather closely to the pattern and even ordered the lite green polka dot background fabric to insure I have the same color "look" of this quilt.
Thanks Kim for your good suggestions on Michelle's post. I am a little nervous about starting the cutting of this beautiful fabric also, but I feel like a kid with a brand new box of sharp crayons and I can hardly wait to start on this beautiful quilt.
Note the front and center brown fabric with the blue dots, I am so glad this fabric was in the starter pack so I also can have a brown cow with blue dots-the thing that made me decide to start this quilt.
Happy Stitching...


  1. What a wonderful, delightful, magical package you received!!! ; ) Have the BEST weekend playing, choosing, cutting and stitching...

  2. Ooooo soooo yummmmmyyyyy!!!


  3. The fabrics are looking wonderful, I was tempted of ordering the kit.... still might.
    Have fun.


  4. What a fabulous package to receive in the mail. You are going to have fun with this lot! The sprout dots are a gorgeous background. Mmm..cows that make chocolate smoothies, I like that idea!!

  5. Just wonderful - I didn't realize kits were out already - have fun!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. What a fabulous package to receive in the mail. great fabrics and lots of colour.
    OMG..chocolate smoothies made with blueberry yoghurt...have fun.

  7. Yay Cheri!! aren't the fabrics great. there is nothing to it, get the freezer paper templates ready and take the scissors to it - once you've done the first block - you'll be on a roll and there is no stopping. Have fun - love to see what you've cut up for the the first block!
    Cheers, Kim McLean

  8. I finally got off the fence and ordered the fabric pack too. They were out of the Aboriginal dots used for the stems, so I either have to wait to get it, or find a replacement?
    Chocolate smoothies..and blueberry yogurt? have the fun imagination it takes to choose the fabrics for this design! :)