Saturday, July 24, 2010

I started choosing the fabrics for my next block. A bit of a challenge! So much going on but isn't that the norm for this quilt?
so tell me what do you think???? the colors/fabrics work ?
AS you can see I chose a different color for the inside of my basket when I found this piece today I knew it was the right one.
Heres a tip when tracing this basket out I wish I would have folded the freezer paper in half and traced one side, then cut out the centers so they would be exactly the same . NO I am not doing it over!

here is the big flower/leaf I had tried first something about it was just wrong to me, thought it may be interesting for you to see.
I will save this piece and maybe make circles from it or leaves for another block.


  1. Hi Kathie,
    Yes, it is working out beautifully! Love the ombre blue - you're almost done with the 3rd block. Great job! cheers, Kim McLean

  2. Another great addition for this blog - Lovely color - Hugs Nat

  3. Beautiful and inspiring blog! I had to come visit after being drawn by your profile pic from your comment on Jackie's quilt for her nephew.

  4. Oh, you are moving right along, Kathie! Good for you!!! Your blocks and colors are looking wonderful. : )

    And, isn't it funny?! I choose to NOT make both sides perfectly symmetrical. 'Cause I LIKE that wonky 'imperfection'!!!

  5. I'm loving seeing your blocks come together Kathie, they are beautiful.