Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Applique Heaven

Whenever I make a Kim McLean quilt, I always feel that I am in applique heaven! I generally use the needleturn method to applique, it is so very therapeutic to sit quietly at the end of a busy day with fabric and needle in hand (under a good light, of course!).
Kim's patterns are so satisfying with all their beautiful curves and shapes and colours. These snippets of applique are from Kim's gorgeous Flower Pots pattern that I began last year and I'm yet to finish, just the circles border to go!.
I love being able to fussy cut some of the fabrics for the applique...don't these butterflies wings look fun cut from some of Kaffe Fassett's stunning fabrics? (These butterflies were visiting my garden one fine morning!!).
Like Janet I haven't begun the Roseville Album yet, but hope to get to it very soon. Thanks to Pam for initiating this blog, the inspiration found here already is enough to get me started!


  1. Oh Cathy, they are beautiful. Gorgeous colour arrangement and your applique is perfect - I'm glad Pam started this blog up. We can now have all the eye candy all in one place - Hugs Nat

  2. It's gorgeous Cathy, I love to see the fabric choices everyone makes with the same pattern. I'm already feeling even more inspired.

  3. beautiful oh Cathy I love the up close pictures of the butterflies!
    isn't it amazing what fabric choices can do for a quilt block?
    love seeing your work always.
    I am off to a quilt show in Pennsylvania today lets see how many Kim quilts I can spot today! my camera is packed!

  4. Beautiful Cathy!! I'm just itching to start one of these patterns but I'll wait until Stars & Sprigs comes out in Sept then buy all the patterns :0)


  5. Whenever I look at work like this my spirit is so moved. And would you look at those butterfly's. Oh they're beauty is undeniable. Workmanship is superlative!!! Happy place. *karendianne. dreaming of applique, not actually taking it up.

  6. I love your stems! Much more interesting than the usual safe choices.

  7. Lovely fabrics in those shapes - its a happy quilt. I think all the Kaffe fabrics are happy sorts - I smile when when I walk into my sewing room and look at the fabrics.
    Look forward to seeing you do the Roseville - it will be amazing with your colour sense.
    For anyone who is feeling rather daunted doing the Roseville, the last vine border is a repeat of 8", so you can do 1 block or 2 x 2 blocks or whatever and still have a border to frame! All the blocks and panels are in multiples of 8".
    Happy stitching everyone, love seeing the photos!
    Cheers, Kim McLean

  8. Your quilt is gorgeous! I love your eye for choosing the perfect fabric..and placement of the shape.
    I LOVE your stem fabric especially.
    I look forward to seeing your version of Roseville! :)

  9. YUM!!! Sumptuous color, organic shapes, beautiful stitching. YUM! ; )