Monday, July 19, 2010

I had a hard time deciding on what type of fabrics to use, finally I chose to use all reproduction fabrics for my Roseville Album. When I am working on an applique quilt I store the fabrics I use in a basket. I just like keeping it all together. I am sure I will be adding to this basket over the next few months :)
thought you might like to see the fabrics I will be using doesn't it make you smile!!!
Here are my first two blocks.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyones blocks for this quilt, its all about the fabrics right?
Please share the blocks in progress as well, we all love seeing photos!


  1. What a fantastic start Kathie, I'm just loving the basket of fabrics, you have some great zingers in there.

  2. Gorgeous collection, Kathie. Cant wait til you mix in some of that orange.

  3. It is looking so fantastic, Kathie!!! LOVE that basket of yummy fabrics. Nice way to keep things organized and at the ready.

  4. I'm drooling over that basket! You are so quick your first two blocks look fantastic.

  5. Looking great Kathie, I'm dying to see the next one. Yes, it is all about the fabrics, this is what is so great about quilting as opposed to the other crafts, you can do so many things with fabrics. And it makes you smile. My husband once said that the look on my face when I open the parcel full of fabrics is akin to that of a drunk pulling out his bottle out of the paper bag! Hmm. Cheers, Kim McLean