Sunday, August 29, 2010

Princess Feather

I went shopping yesterday to pick up a few more fabrics for my Roseville and while I was looking found a wonderful background fabric. I have my plate full right now but wondered if anyone could tell me how large the blocks of the Princess Feather quilt are? We have a king size bed and I wondered how large the quilt would be with 3 X 3 blocks instead of the 2 X 2 that the pattern shows.


  1. Whoever conceived of this blog and set it up is a genius. . . Thanks!! It's so inspirational and informative, as well as a constant visual treat!

  2. Where can I buy the Roseville Album quilt pattern?

    Love your creativity!!!!

  3. To Frog Quilter, it is available online from the GloriousColor website, click on Liza Glorious Color on the list on the right of this page. If you're in Sydney, you can pick up one from Kathy at Material Obsession - click on Kathy, Material Obsession on the same list.
    I hope you'll get to do the Roseville Album, it is a fun quilt to do. We'd all love to see your work here! Cheers, Kim McL