Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Flower Pot Quilt

Hi Everyone!

I think I've managed to load up the photo of my flower pot quilt and have worked out how to do a post!

This is the low contrast version to my friend Sue Belzacki's quilt on the GloriousColor website.
Sue kindly gave us permission to use her quilt for the pattern packs as my quilt was really hard to see in print.

This was my first quilt using Kaffe and Amy Butler's fabrics. I had a very limited amount of brights, I think I bought a fat quater bundle of 30 mixed fabrics. Haven't found Liza at that stage!
During classes, the girls told me where to find the Kaffe ( at Liza's website and visits to Material Obsession) and my stash multipled ten fold almost overnight and have no more problems doing quilts in brights!!

I'll try and find photos of previous quilts and show you how I crossed over the the brights from the reproduction fabrics. Cheers, Kim McLean


  1. yummo! This is just fabulous! I am so glad this blog exists, I feel so inspired by the utterly gorgeous work shown here!

  2. It's such pretty colours you've used in this one, it looks really lovely.
    You're a blogger now Kim! We'd all love to see photos of your quilting journey and your other quilts.

  3. Kim
    you have come a long way!!!!
    so happy you figured this out and I am looking forward to seeing many more from you and many more of your quilts!
    I am surprised this is your quilt! LOL
    I love the softness of it

  4. HOORAY, Kim!!! YOU did it!!! Now you're a BLOGGER too. ; ) Welcome!!!

    Thank you for sharing your original Flower Pots quilt with us. While soft and done with low contrast, it is gentle and b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!

    It would be quite interesting to see some of your earlier works and learn a bit about your own quilting journey and evolution.

    Blog on!!!

  5. It is really pretty...I am almost finished with my smaller second block and am going full speed ahead, in between other things, to get this Flower Pots done...since I have more I want to do.

  6. Thanks for showing us the flower pots quilt. It is lovely but as you say, low contrast. I appreciate you sharing your talent with us. We're all enjoying the ride.

  7. I love all your quilts Kim and am so happy to have met you and was able to do a class with you, thank you for sharing all your wonderful designs.

    Happy stitching

  8. TOTALLY yummy and soft... love your work!

  9. I Love your Work KIm & have just purchased Lollipop Tree...this Quilt is Gorgeous.

  10. I'm so glad you crossed over to the Kaffe side Kim!!! This one is a beauty, I would love to see it in 'flesh' one day! Inspirational.

  11. I just love this low contrast quilt, Kim. I am so looking forward to seeing your earlier quilts. I hope you can post one in repro fabrics that appears (only a corner of it) in a feature article about you in one of KF's recent books. Roseville is finally getting off the ground, albeit much more slowly than many of these fellow bloggers. This blog is so instructive and helpful, giving me courage to plunge ahead.