Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Made some progress

I have stitched a number of blocks and am back in the swing off applique, forgot how much I enjoy it and I still like all the fabrics that I had picked for the quilt.

Happy stitching


  1. Christine - it is BEAUTIFUL and coming along oh sew nicely!!! I am excited for you to have returned to this project. But even more excited that you are finding renewed joy and the fabrics you chose, but most of all, in the stitches you make. How blissful! Savor your journey.

  2. I think those fabrics are timeless and the quilt will be too. It's wonderful, I've loved this pattern for ages and you're doing a brilliant job. I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the stitching, that means we'll get to see it grow.

  3. Fabulous colors!! I thought it as done with the white spaces... had to look twice!

  4. You've really been busy. The quilt looks so nice. I'm glad that the colors still sing to you, so many times our tastes change and we don't value our fabrics, projects, or quilts as much as we used to. Keep up the good work.

  5. I am so happy your working on this quilt again Christine
    LOVE It!
    keep going
    and yes the quilt is on my someday list!

  6. Christine, the quilt is coming along beautifully!! This blog is a marvel isn't it - now we can all see what everyone is doing with their quilt. Well done, Cheers, Kim McL

  7. Love it. Kim is this pattern still available anywhere? I would love to do it in Kaffes.