Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I'm a belgian quilter since 16 years, who loves appliqué and the designs of Kim McLean. So about a month ago i was absolutely thrilled to discover i could buy her designs at glorious.com.After receiving them (one of the best days so far this year) i procrastinated what to do and decided to start on lollipops because i figured it would be relatively portable, ideal for vacation and soon to happen trip to Birmingham Festival of quilts. I also decided that allthough i love working with Kaffe's fabrics, i would make it from my existing stash, with fabrics i bought years ago and now can hardly figure out what to do with them since taste and experience have evolved. I see that as my challenge. I'm still sewing my first block(very slowly), because i don't have the time to prepare the second one before leaving for Birmingham. The background fabric was supposed to be a backing (extra wide) but i changed its destiny.
Happy sewing,


  1. Thanks for joining us, Francoise!!! I LOVE how your Lollypop block is coming along. ; ) RED is my favorite color!!! I really like your fussy cut circles too. Great job! Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to watching your progress.

  2. Welcome and I like the red background happy stitching


  3. Love those colors! And I love the comment on how "taste and experience have evolved". I look at some of my older fabrics and say, "what was I THINKING?"

  4. I think your fabrics look fantastic, especially on a red background, my favourite colour. A big medal should go to you for making do with your stash, it's working wonderfully.

  5. Beautiful block!! I'm so happy to see others that are using their stash, this is what I plan on doing too :0)


  6. Welcome Francoise, I love the red background too. How wonderful to have a trip to the Festival of quilts. You will have to tell us about it when you get home again.

  7. I LOVE your block on that red background! It's wonderful that you're using stash fabrics too.
    I really like applique on a dark background but haven't gotten brave enough to try it. i look forward to watching your progress.

  8. Leuk een taalgenoot te ontmoeten op deze leuke web-log
    Wat een prachtige lolly-pop heb je gemaakt
    Ben benieuwd hoe de quilt gaat worden
    Nice to meet a language partner on this nice web-log
    What a beautifull lolly-pop you made
    I am curious to see the progress of the quilt

  9. Wow, I never would have thought about using red, but it looks wonderful. What a great idea!

  10. Love your fabric choice Francoise! And good for you to use your existing stash - I wish I could do the same. I'd love to do a quilt on a dark background but my eyes aren't the best these days. Some days I can't tell between a navy and black. Look forward to seeing your progress! Cheers, Kim McLean