Friday, August 6, 2010

Slowly, but Surely!

That's the way it has been - very, very enjoyable, too! I really do love playing with the pretty, bright repros - as you will notice, I do not use a lot of fabrics of the Civil War era, a little too dull for me.
I made some stems using the Clover bias maker - then reverted back to the Hera marker. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, lol! I really like using a striped fabric for stems and this is a real pretty brown by Australian designer, Michelle Marvig - soft colour and lovely in a nice texture, too. It is from the Suzani range.

Look closely at the centre - you will see a little cross made with stitches - this is how I line up the block when I trim back. I do use a blue pen at times and try to remove it as soon as possible. I have had only one disaster and that was in the days when the brown pens were around - thanks goodness it was able to be rectified!
I am not really proud of my stitches and shouldn't be showing closeups, but at least I am getting something done with my poor little chicken wings - at least I am managing to achieve nice little points still!

I have been using the freezer paper method to do my applique - sometimes the weight of the iron takes it's toll on my arm - I would love to achieve Janet's results using her method, but somehow I can't get the fibre out from the back of the shape - just had a thought- maybe I should soak it for a little while longer in soapy water - I'll try that! If anyone can help, please do.
My goodness, I haven't done a lot of talking as of late - I am having a really comfortable day today, so it is nice to chat!
Happy weekend - hugs - Lurline♥


  1. Hi Lurline, try using a cooler iron, no steam otherwise the fusible gets really stuck down. I use my thumb nail to turn the seam over and wash in hot water, often leaving it to soak for ten minutes. I also rub soap gently over the front of the shapes. I can sometimes feel the glue comiong out. I hope that helps.

  2. beautiful your blocks look wonderful and I LOVE your fabric choices!!!!!
    ooooh the blue in the center star on the top, wow! so pretty.
    I LOVE star quilts and pieced quilts and applique oh my!
    I can't wait to get this pattern! keep going Lurline and please keep sharing.
    your stitches look great and yes I am so happy your stitching too!

  3. Lurline..your applique is wonderful !! we AAAALLL want to applique like Janet..LOL
    I love your fabric choices as well.. my my slowly is a good thing as long as you enjoy it!

  4. Your work is FABULOUS, Lurline!!! And, most're doing it!!! : ) I love the fabrics and colors you are working with. Hooray!!! Thanks sew much for sharing.