Monday, August 9, 2010

I have begun the Roseville Album quilt after seeing the pattern on Kathie's blog. Ordered the 10 yards of background fab and pattern from Glorious Color with speedy delivery. I love that the pattern is full sized. Washed the whole shebang and held my breath while cutting all the blocks and borders of the background. I need to prep the circles before the first block can be called complete.

I had started the Lollypop Trees in June, using the blocks from EQ, downsizing them to 14". I used background fab that I had on hand, so can only make 12 blocks.
I love the Kaffe fabs and am learning how to work with them, but have a ways to go. I am enjoying seeing the blocks that have been posted so far and see that we have a lot of the same fabs to work from.
Back to sewing circles.


  1. Hi Mary, how gorgeous!! Love your first block, love all the prints you're using there. You can always do the dots later when you have a few more blocks done, then you can add colours used in the other blocks.
    I'm glad that you liked the full sized pattern, they are easier to work with I think. I enjoy drawing them up too. But the part I like best is cutting into the fabrics. My stash resemble the Swiss cheese, they have holes everywhere!
    Love your Lollypop Trees too. I must check out the EQ for their Lollypop Tree, haven't seen it in the block library. The original quilt was in the Cyril Nelson calendar and it was done in red & green. My one has quite a few more blocks in the same spirit. I can remember when I was drawing out the pattern thinking how many more ways can I position these balls and the spiky leaves without repeating - I ended up taking a photo of the block drawings and studying it. And yes, had to change some because they were the same!! Keep posting your work, love to see your progress. Cheers, Kim McLean

  2. Your blocks look fantastic Mary! I love the background for the lollypop trees. You're off to a roaring start with the Roseville, the colours are wonderful and love the spot background. I can't wait to see more of your applique, what a treat.

  3. i`m just lifting my chin off the ground everytime there is a post on this blog the blocks just knock me back in my chair.They are just stunning really really ladies are awesome!!

  4. Greetings, Mary!!! SEW glad to have you join us here. Your blocks are FABULOUS!!! And apparently, you've been quite busy and productive!?

    I really like the background fabric you're using for your Lollypop Trees. Would you share the name/maker if you know it, please?

    Thank you for sharing your blocks and for the dose of inspiration too. ; )

  5. I agree with "betweens." These blocks and all the beautiful fabrics are fantastic. If I didn't have so many other projects going on...

  6. Hi Mary your blocks are looking fantastic, I am still working on another Kml pattern but think will start the new one very soon.


  7. VERY pretty Mary!! I don't see where you got patterns from worries....I'm ordering the pattern next month anyway :0)


  8. I love your Lollipop trees! That background is wonderful.
    You're off to great start on Roseville too. I can't imagine having two projects of this intensity going at once! ;)

  9. Pretty pretty blocks-and so many done!! I love the texture the lollypop background gives your blocks--adds a whole different look to the pattern. And you are off to a great start on the Roseville. (Hope to join you soon!)