Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some introductions........

I won't let myself start this new applique project until I finish the one I'm working on. I'm close to being finished but it will still take some concentrated effort to keep from beginning Roseville.

I decided to introduce my new Kaffe fabrics to Amy Butler and Jane Sassaman. Even though I've yet to take a stitch, I can still pre-wash, iron, audition, fondle, and plan.

So, I've got a question. How much time do you spend appliquing each day? I spend about 2 hrs. in the evening while I'm watching TV with my husband. (I spend the rest of the day cutting, piecing, hand quilting, and binding - ha!)

Solstice Studio


  1. Oh, and look how nicely they're all playing together!!! Excellent. ; )

    Time spent appliqueing each day?! Hmmm? Right now that would be just about zero, nada, goose egg. : / I take whatever I can get and view it as a gift. Ten minutes, two hours, whatever...I'll take it!

  2. i love those fabrics!!

    i don't spend ANY time doing hand applique.. and on the machine I run in full out sprints of time.... hours on end... then nothing for weeks and weeks. That is why I want to do the heart quilt to have something I stitch everyday again...

  3. I'd love to be able to sit and applique for hours each evening, but that just doesn't happen.
    Sometimes there are programs on TV that you need to actually look as opposed to sort of listening to. I have to take my glasses off to applique and then I can't see the TV! The weekends are better, husband watches football and golf a lot, so I can merrily sew away in front of the TV. Sometimes I can get about 10 -12 hrs over the weekend, in between household chores.
    Love those fabrics together, Robin! Cheeers, Kim McL

  4. Half the fun of quilting is playing with the fabrics don't you think? Yours here are gorgeous Robin. I'm similar to you with time spent, I do all the prep work during the day with the good light shining on my stash(!!), then do the handwork at night under a good light (I wish every night, but alas probably only 2-4 nights a week).

  5. Hi Robin, nice to see your lovely stash of fabrics. I get to stitch just about every evening for a few hours if I'm lucky. It's slow though because I must have the same glasses as Kim, on and off, on and off. I like to do my prep and any mnachining in the day time.

  6. Great question! How do we make time to stitch and still take care of life. I try to get into the studio at least a half an hour a day, even when I'm tired; but once I'm in there I usually get absorbed and spent two hours, then I need a 'body break'. :) We don't look at TV in our house so I have to make myself sit down, evenings do seem best because the day has been taken care of. I will read others answers with interest.