Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pam-----The background fab is Graceful Geisha by Lonni Rossi purchased last year from Bigsbys in Milwaukee, Wi.

Kim----The EQ blocks are in the Folk Art Applique add on. You had GREAT vision to turn the original blocks into Glorious ones with your fabric choices and the fussy cutting.



  1. Thanks Mary, I'll go the EQ site and look. It must be a new softwear? I love the EQ, just got the EQ 7 and have started playing around with it.
    I used the EQ 5 & 6 to do the drafting of the patterns for Annette Gero's book " The Fabric of Society" as well as doing all the other quilts. You can quickly do a quilt layout and see if it is OK or not. Very useful softwear.
    Cheers, Kim McLean

  2. Thanks for the info, Mary. The fabric is unusual and really works with your blocks.

    Kim, thanks for you comment about EQ. I have a Mac and EQ6. I have been wondering how you design? I have thought about a Wacom tablet, but...

  3. What is a Wacom tablet Pam? I draw my applique designs on a big piece of taped up paper with a propelling pencil and a very large eraser! Once it is set, I'll go over it with a Sharpie laundry pen. Very hi-tech! But the quilt layout is done with the EQ, then you can see if you've made a mistake with the dimensions or not. Cheers, Kim McL

  4. So, the size of the blocks and panels that make up the quilt are done through EQ, but the actual design and applique shapes are hand drawn full scale? You sketch it out first, right? Before drawing full size... A Wacom tablet? Here's a link: http://www.wacom.com/productinfo/ ; )

  5. Yes Pam, the sizing is done with EQ, then the paper drawing. I usually do " blobs " first for the future shapes and lines for stems or whatever then work from there. Hence the need for a big eraser! Will look at Wacom tablet, I did try drawing in EQ but it was too hard, I can do it better with paper & pencil. KIm McL