Friday, August 20, 2010

My "Hearts & Flowers" Quilt

I've been reading this blog for a while and -because I'm French speaking- I couldn't decide myself to join in...
Yesterday was the big day, I dare to ask an invitation!

I decided to make Kim's quilt last April after a very sad experience... Afterwards, I needed to do something positive, constructive on a long-term basis and there it was, in a book, a real revelation to me: Kim's "Hearts & Flowers" quilt!!!
BUT... I never did any appliqués in my life!??! Oups!
So I surfed on the net during hours and hours until I found several tutorials to teach myself.

I made a tentative with hand appliqué (the whole heart in the middle) but I changed my mind while doing the petals (machine appliqué) where I used Kellie's method.

Now, to be honnest, after having discovered your community and reading all your posts (and blogs) I'm struggling between hand and machine appliqué...
I'd love to do a new tentative with the needle and turn method but I'm afraid at the end my quilt will look like a "meltingpot of techniques" (lol)

On the other end, my block isn't really perfect (quite wonky) and I already think about beginning a new one (Lollipop Trees?), my "chef d'oeuvre";)

But first I will continue to "practice" on my "Hearts & Flowers" quilt until I'll feel confident enough to begin a new pattern -with the absolutely amazing hand appliqué method.

And if you want to give me (and others) a piece of advise, please, do NOT hesitate!!! I would be delightful to read them.
Thank you for having me join in!!!

A bientôt,


  1. Hi Sonja and welcome to the list, even so I have been living in Australia for 27 years my english at times is still a bit so and so.

    Anyway if you can get your hands on any of the books by Piece 'O Cake, you will find a great tutorial in the back of each of their applique books, It includes great pictures on "how too" needle turn applique. Now there are lots of ways to go about it and I know we all have our favourite method, but I do like the way it is shown in their books.
    Good luck and I love your block it looks fabulous.

    You can also check out Janet's block and I think Cathy too have tutotials on how they applique. I still haven't got around to doing one on my blog as yet.


  2. Welcome Sonja, I am amazed at your applique! What you've done so far is beautiful and how wonderful to have been able to teach yourself.
    Any time you'd like some help, there are plenty of us that could give you some advice, just ask. Pam has some tutorials on her blog too for needleturn.

  3. hi Sonja! i loved reading your delightful post, it has left me with a big smile on my face! I look forward to reading more about your adventures in applique - by the look of this first block you are clearly a natural!!

  4. Salut Sonja! Your applique is a blast! Love the colours, its so vibrant. For a first time appliquer, I think you're doing marvellously well, as Kellie says, a natural.
    Imagine what you would do to your second project (later). I find needle turning is easiest, but I baste all the shapes to the background first, otherwise I get the pins all tangled up with threads. I don't know how to applique by machine, for me it is in the " too hard basket" category.
    Look forward to seeing the rest of the quilt.
    Cheers, Kim McLean

  5. SEW glad to have you join us, Sonja!!! Your Hearts and Flowers quilt is stunning. I LOVE the deep and vibrant colors you chose.

    Your stitching is beautiful too. You're a quick learner! I have quilts with both hand and machine applique in them. Hand and machine quilting too. It's YOUR quilt!

    It's FUN to learn new skills and watch as your stitching evolves. Enjoy your journey and thank you for sharing it with us too. ; )

  6. Sonja I'm SO excited to see your heart it is FABULOUS! And GREAT JOB learning to applique... it will free you to do any kind of quilt you love

    ...maybe we can do the lollipops together?

  7. Cher Sonja, Votre applique c'est manifique!!! Brava, ma petite chous, Michele

  8. Welcome, don't worry about having hand and machine applique on the same quilt. It's all about the color and placement and the joy sewing brings.

  9. Sonja, An impressive first attempt !!
    What a great choice in colours, eye catching.
    Can't wait to see more !!

  10. Welcome! Very pretty! I love the fabric you chose for the center of the heart and the fabric around it--looks very nice!

  11. Oh Sonja,
    You should not doubt yourself, it looks pretty amazing to me. I have spent all afternoon playing with fabrics to start the centre and I am struggling with the colour combinations. I absolutely love yours and shall start again tomorrow with renewed interest. It doesn't matter if there is a mixture of technique's. Try them all and then decide which one suits you best.
    Best Wishes.

  12. Welcome Sonja, I agree, your first attempt is very impressive. Gorgeous colours, I don't think you will have any trouble picking up new techniques.

  13. Your applique is beautiful Sonja! I wouldn't have guessed you are new to it.
    I guess my best advice is just to try different things and you'll find what works best for you? It's wonderful that there are so many ways to do applique. There's something that's comfortable to each of us.
    I love your choice of fabrics...just gorgeous! :)