Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Fower Trellis

Here is another one of my earlier quilt - possibly made in 1999 - 2000, can't remember now.

I think this was the first quilt I did after about 6 - 7 years of not picking up the needle. During these years all I did was buy the fabrics, wash & iron and put away. The last quilt I did was in the early '90s, it was a Christmas quilt for my daughter. My daughter then embarked on her horse riding phase and my time was spent ferrying horse and little lady to the various riding related events. I did however, learnt a lot about horses and dressage. I love these horses, which is why the horses appear in my quilts now. Daughter finished riding during her year 12 as she had to do her yr 12 exams to qualify for entrance to the university. The horse went slightly lame and we sent him off to the country for retirement and I went back to my quilting!

I love red & green quilts and those turkey red fabrics just came in so I drafted this quilt. It is 97" x 94" but have shrunk after machine quilting. Kay Fernihough of Quilts on Q has done all my machine quilting. We work well together.

I would have loved to do this quilt in Kaffe's - all different flowers and leaves and multi fabric diamonds - AND smaller! Cheers, Kim McLean


  1. I was lucky to see this beauty in the flesh and it is glorious in real life. Red and green is my favourite kind of quilt and I just loved seeing the big blowsey flowers and leaves. What a comeback!

  2. Kim i think you SHOULD make a small on in diff fabric... you know... cuz I want to see it.. hehe!

  3. I'll second what Pat said! LOL

  4. It's marvellous, Kim, in order to understand your wonderful quilts (and we never have of them;) we know a bit more about your life!
    6-7 years without quilting... That's a veeeeeeery long time! Lucky we, your horse went into retirement;)

  5. pure heaven.....
    red and green NOTHING BETTER!!!
    this may be my favorite quilts of yours

  6. Wow great quilt!! It has that wonderful antique flavor to it :0)


  7. I appreciate your sharing with us here, Kim. The quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!! And, I can't imagine you not taking stitches for so/sew long!? That's LOVE for sure!!! ; )

  8. Wow! What a gorgeous quilt. It has a vintage look to it.
    I'm in agreement with the others..a newer version might be in order? Did you save your pattern? :)

  9. Oh this is stunning Kim. I love horses too and dream that I will buy one when I turn 50 (I thought by that age I might be able to afford one!!!). In the meantime, wouldn't this quilt look awesome in Kaffe's, even though it looks fabulous in the greens and reds. Doesn't seem to matter what you make, I love it!

  10. Yes, it was a long time not to be quilting, but I did keep buying the fabrics - that counts doesn't it? This horse riding phase of my daughter lasted almost 12 yrs, it was easier when she didn't have her own horse and did riding at a the riding school during the early years.
    I don't know what happened to the pattern, haven't seen it in years. I don't think I can re-do the quilt! I might use the flower somewhere else though. Cheers, Kim