Sunday, August 29, 2010

Working on the heart

I'm working on "The Heart" quilt by Kaffe Fasset... cuz... I want and NEED to.. sneaked in a bit yesterday morning before work.. woot woot! (see previous post HERE)

Auditioning the heart. Here is what the center fabric was cut from... I angled the heart in order to center the shape

I tried a brown for the 'rim' but it's too dark

Tried this teal and like it much better... don't you think this is the one?

and some fabric to work with ... dots were mailed Saturday!

I will audition the entire center before fusing it.. stay tuned for more!

pat sloan


  1. I liked the brown rim the second I saw it because I thought it gave the block some depth..then I scrolled down and saw your second choice, which I like too. I don't think you can make a wrong choice? The pattern is just too fun! I love the way you fussy cut your center.
    I think this blog is a wonderful resource for people to learn how to use their fabrics really accent the designs?

  2. the brown looks better in the photo than in person... it would need to be majorly repeated around the quilt if I used it (at least for me!)

    and I totally agree this is such fun to see the proecess!

  3. Both the brown and teal are different looks. I am partial to teal though, so I guess I'd say pick the one you like as a color best and the rest of your quilt will tend to support that. Either is nice though. Your heart is nicely cut!

  4. This is such a great quilt. It might be in my future too. . .after Roseville when I'm maybe 85 years old! I love seeing it in your colors and on the beautiful background. I love the teal, but the brown is a nice accent too.

  5. I love both colors!!! But on seeing the rest of your fabrics, maybe the turqoise fits better.
    If you really cannot decide, try some orange;)
    Impatient to see your progress!!!

  6. I like them both too! Hard decision as to which way to go! Cheers, Kim McL

  7. I think the aqua fabric makes that heart just S-I-N-G!!! Great job, Pat. : )