Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I will say to you all that what i have see of your work it is so beautifull. I enjoy the blog an what I see
I asked Pam in a mail to let see my block of the Roseville quilt
She send me a link to do it self! and yes I have done it!!!
I will introduce myself My name is Ineke Marijnissen I life in the Netherlands
My english is not very wel ( I know that) but to speak with the words of Pam "we speak the same language with fabrics


  1. Beautiful. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Welcome Ineke, your block is very pretty so far. All of the blues remind me of Delft, or maybe I am being influenced by your homeland. Either way I love that red bird surrounded by those blue flowers.

    Happy Stitching,


  3. Ineke!!! : ) What an AWESOME job!!! Your block is SEW beautiful AND you successfully posted too! HoOrAy and welcome, friend! I am amazed how far and wide Kim's work, and this little blog are reaching. It is an unexpected privilege to share with so many. Thank you, Ineke, and everyone for participating and sharing in this blog adventure. Thank you. And yes, we do all speak the language of fabric...and color too! : )

  4. It's looking wonderful Ineke! I love the fabric colours, it's great to see different choices.

  5. I really love your red bird!!!!

    It is great to see everyone using different fabrics and colours.

  6. Hi Ineke, what a gorgeous block, love all the blues and the red bird! Great choice - love to see more as you go along. I think its wonderful that you write English so well, I can understand a little bit of spoken Dutch but not written ones.
    But you speak applique beautifully!
    Cheers, Kim McLean

  7. Oh Ineke I love your block, your fabric choices are just beautiful.
    I LOVE that red bird. YOur applique is beautiful.
    I am looking forward to you sharing the progress of your quilt with us
    thanks and welcome to the blog you certainly speak applique!

  8. Thanks for posting this Ineke. I have been collecting Indigo fabrics for many years. I have no idea what I will do with them. Your quilt is so lovely. It reminds me why I love indigos.