Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lollipop, lollipop...sing along

I remember standing on the high dive in high school absolutely terrified about diving off. What was I scared of...well I don't really know because when I finally dove in it was a thrill. I have a similar feeling now having started the Lollipop Trees pattern by Kim. I have encouraged others to do it but never considered it myself but all of a sudden the urge to dive into this project overwhelmed me so ... I choose to start the project now.
I think one of the great things about applique today are all the handy supplies we can use to improve our skills. Nothing improves applique like practice so I am sure by the end I will have perfected the curved folds and perhaps look back to the first blocks with an uncontrollable urge to unsew and resew but for now I am happy.

I am using freezer paper to trace my designs. Then I'll gel pen around the edge of the paper, remove it and glue it in place. The glue is the best bit as I always hated applique with pins. They always seemed in the way. I'll baste the big bits down as well because that is a step that can't be avoided at my skill level. Then using silk thread and a number 10 milners needle I'll get to work.
The other trick I am LOVING is using precut circles for making circles. I just stitched around the outside of my cut circles and then put the paper circle on the wrong side, tugged lightly the stitching and the fabric smoothly wrapped around the paper. Starch and press, remove the paper and perfect circles here we go.
More later...I'll be picking block 3 today so I'll be back soon with a progress report.
Very tempted to try Roseville Album while I'm in applique much diving can one take? kathy


  1. Oh my?! ; ) Welcome, Kathy!!! Sew thrilled to have you join us here!!!

    Your Lolli blocks are looking marvelous! Your fabrics and fussy cuts are FUN!!! So, glad you have decided to DIVE in.

  2. LOVE the dive analogy... so so perfect

    so what are you using for your circles? Now I have to query everyone... LOL!

  3. Lovely blocks Kathy, Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow Kathy! they look great! Also, you write posts so well!!

    Are those pre cut circles from the people that can pre - cut applique shapes to order? Did you take it any further to see if they can pre cut shapes from my patterns? Or is it too much of a problem seeing that they're all hand drawn and not perfect shapes? ( can't do perfect shapes - or the quilt might look odd! )

    Glad you're doing the LollyPop - I think its going to be a great quilt judging by the blocks you've done so far. Cheers, Kim McL

  5. Oh yes, would love to see your Roseville Kathy. Your Lollipops are gorgeous, thanks for sharing how you make them too. So glad you are diving in!

  6. Very Inspiring as I have just bought this same pattern...just gotta add the right fabrics to the stash...Love those circles..TFS.

  7. The first block is delicious and it sounds like you're enjoying the stitching. I don't mind a bit of glue as I'm not keen on lots of pins either.

  8. Your first block is lovely!! Great, now I'm going to have that song going through my head all day LOL.


  9. You are on a roll, Kathy. Can you keep up with your BOM subscribers? That is the challenge.

  10. You're off to a great start! I love your fussy cuts.
    Why not take the "plunge" and do Roseville too? You have the fabrics out. ;)

  11. c'mon Kathy go for it
    would love to see a Roseville block done MO style!
    you can do it!!!!

  12. So nice to look at and wonderful colors! Great job!

  13. Great start Kathy! I just got my first BOM package in NZ today - can we buy those circles through your shop or can you give a link for where to find them? I can see how great they would be to have!